Why it’s important to choose genuine Brother inks and toners

Counterfeit consumables damages your printer

With the proliferation of ecommerce and online buying and selling, buying the wrong product or counterfeit products from online stores has become a problem for retailers and brands, such as printer manufacturer Brother.

In the Philippines, where counterfeit products are ubiquitous, even genuine products, such as printers, suffer from substandard ink and toners.

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Why it’s important to always choose genuine inks and toners

Consumers also suffer when buying counterfeit consumables because this puts appliances at risk of damage. Here are some reasons why you should not buy fake inks and toners for your printer:

Non-genuine inks corrode ink tubes in the printer

This happens because counterfeit inks contain substandard chemicals which can cause damage to the ink tubes in the printer and eventually causes leakage and affect printing quality.

Counterfeit toners damages printer parts

Substandard toners use grind toner particles that speeds up the wear and tear of printer parts. This means unreliable printer performance and unnecessary worry to you.

Substandard consumables void your printer warranty

This case is usually stated in the product’s warranty card and user manual. So using fake toners and ink will make you spend more on repairs and related maintenance.

Best practices in buying printer ink and toner

As such it is recommended to source your printer ink and toners from trusted and authorized retailers and dealers, such as Brother Supplies and Consumables. They have branches in major cities in the Philippines and have an excellent customer help desk and post-sales services.

Should you need to check if your ink and toner purchase was a genuine one then you can check the Brother Authenticity Checker website. In case you received a Not Authentic message, then you may report it to Brother’s helpdesk line at (02)8581-9898 or email them at helpdesk@brother.com.ph. For more information, please visit the Brother Supplies and Consumables website.


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