The second longest daily newspaper now on its 115th year

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Manila Bulletin, the second longest and oldest daily newspaper in the Philippines celebrates its 115th year today. The daily paper which started as a commercial paper, was formed in 1900 which was then named as the Manila Daily Bulletin from 1906 to 1972, and was renamed to Bulletin Today from 1972 to 1986, is the largest broadsheet newspaper in terms of circulation (based on number of prints per day). The newspaper was originally owned by a Swiss expatriate named Hans Menzi. Its name was changed from Bulletin Today on March 12, 1986.

On occasion the editorial policy of the Manila Bulletin has met objection from civil authorities. During World War II the newspaper’s editor, Roy Anthony Cutaran Bennett, was imprisoned and tortured by the Japanese for his statements opposing the militarist expansion of the Japanese Empire. The Manila Bulletin survived the Martial law era of President Ferdinand Marcos as a propaganda tool.

The newspaper was owned by Filipino-Chinese business mogul Emilio Yap, who, aside from the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation (the paper’s controlling company), also owned and chaired the Manila Hotel, Centro Escolar University and Euro-Phil Laboratories. The company has been listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange since 1990, and had revenues of approximately US$45 million in 2004. Besides its flagship it publishes two other daily tabloids, Tempo and Balita, as well as nine magazines such as the Philippine Panorama, Bannawag, Liwayway, Bisaya and a host of other journals in English, Tagalog, Cebuano and other Philippine languages.

The newspaper is regarded by many for being pro-administration regardless of who is in power and also for its optimistic and non-sensational journalism. Unlike other papers, Bulletin editorials are not focused on political views or other issues, instead, editorials focus on honoring government agencies and officials, high-profile persons such as the President of the Philippines, and events by private and public institutions.[citation needed] The editorial is also featured in its sister papers Tempo (in English) and Balita (in Tagalog). To further enhance its image as a newspaper which presents positive news articles, the Bulletin recently introduced a new marketing tagline “There’s good news here”. In addition it maintains the oldest news web site in the Philippines.

On December 22, 2007, survey results by Nielsen Media Research “Nielsen Media Index Study (Enhanced Wave 2),” covering the whole year of 2007, showed that the Philippine Daily Inquirer (parent company of was the choice of 53% “of those who said they had read a broadsheet” with 1.3 million readers. Manila Bulletin came second with 47% (1.17 million readers), while the Philippine Star was third with 42% (1.05 million readers). Nielsen survey also showed that the Sunday Inquirer Magazine, led in its category, with 39% readership, Panorama came in second with 35%, while Starweek was third with 12%.

Source : Wikipedia

Manila Bulletin has fully adopted to the changing times of technology and online. They have also created an online page that is updated daily where you can find the news you want from Sports, Entertainment, Tech, Lifestyle and many more.

They have also curled and embraced to technology trends and the company has invested a lot in software and hardware making sure everything is secured and reliable. Manila Bulletin is also one of the loyal subscribers of Globe Telecoms and one of the first to purchase the Google glass here in the Philippines.

Congratulations to Manila Bulletin for making 115 years of solid service to giving news and information to the Filipino people.


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