POSIBLE UniPin tie-up, First payment partner reaches to more gamers Nationwide

An aggregator of digital financial services and an upgrade to small  business, POSIBLE, joins hand with UniPin to provide more ease for gamers. After its launch in 2016,  POSIBLE has continuously added more services to its payment ecosystem. This time, a new gaming  partner, UniPin is available since November 4, 2021


As a leading digital entertainment enabler, UniPin operates in more than 30 countries worldwide with  the most comprehensive payment options. To provide wider access for Filipino gamers, UniPin chose  POSIBLE as their first payment point partner. With reach up to 4 million customers with 8,000 growing  agents nationwide, it will be easier for gamers to top up to their favorite games every time everywhere. 


POSIBLE UniPin partnership
POSIBLE UniPin tie-up, First payment partner reaches to more gamers Nationwide


John Joseph Gabriel Puzon, President of POSIBLE, mentions the presence of UniPin within the  system will enrich the customer’s experience to connect with more games and digital entertainment  in a more convenient way, “UniPin provides simple and safe payment with various voucher and game  options worldwide. We believe UniPin will enrich our services to provide a diverse range of games  and entertainment with a seamless experience to our customers,” added John. 


Ashadi Ang, UniPin’s CEO is also confident the partnership with POSIBLE is aligned to both  company’s missions, “We both have the same vision breaking the walls on limited payment access.  With POSIBLE’s wide reach and presence, we are optimistic to tap more audience, especially gamers  around the country,” said Ashadi. 


More details and information related to the partnership can be found through UniPin Philippines thru www.unipin.com or on via www.facebook.com/UniPinPhilippines or www.instagram.com/unipin_ph/


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