Family fun is never as easy like it used to play free online games

I was born in the days where 1 console is 1 game. Our first video game was the PONG where a console bigger than a shoe box is connected via an RF-signal converter to the television set. Yes, it was still black and white during those days. It wasn’t a joystick, but a paddle where you twist and turn a knob to control your pod to bounce back the ball to other side.


The games were more colorful and had various movements. Then the arcade came out. It’s this big box with a TV inside and big speakers. It was available only to the family wide restaurants and gaming centers. If you have a favorite game on your own, you have to fall in line and wait for your turn. Make sure you buy lots of tokens at the cashier so that you can have more playing time.


Family fun is never as easy like it used to play free online games


Games started to evolve when the 2600 and 5200 was the most sensational of them all where you can change games by changing the cartridge, just like removing a cassette tape with a player. You really need to know a lot of your friends having this game so that you can exchange cartridges every weekend. This was not a common household item since it was expensive during those days.


When the 8-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit games came out, it was much more fun since i cartridge can have 4 in 1, 8 in 1, and as the time goes by, there was the 128 in 1. The downside with the multiple games in one is that not all the game features are complete in each game.


Nowadays, millenials haven’t really experienced playing 1 game on a single device. They take things for granted and they easily get carried away. These pandemic has brought some families bonding together. Reminiscing and remembering how it is to be a kid once again makes me happy and also those friends i used to play with during those sleepless nights trying to figure out how to work yourself up in each level. lets me be that fun and exciting kid once again. Loving all those games Space Adventure Pinballtank wars, minigolf world mini golf game, and footstar soccer game. The best thing about all these games they are absolutely FREE and its all browser based. No need to download and install anything. I trusty gadget like a tablet or a smartphone with a good internet is all you need to have that fun experience and share with your family how it is to be kid back in the days.


It’s totally safe and there are more than a hundred games to choose from different categories. l prefer for you to play the games that are not common to kids because they will learn more in terms of strategy, patience by getting to know a few tricks on their sleeves.


Work from home, study at home, play at home with and keep everyone in the household happy and safe. It’s nice to be a kid again once in a while.










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