Contact Center Association of the Philippines commits to help boost Ph economy

The industry has demonstrated resilience despite the worst pandemic period and aims to continue attaining strong growth targets.

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) is optimistic that the information and business process management (IT-BPM) industry could grow up to 10% annually in export revenue and about 8% annually in additional jobs by 2028. This is aligned with the economic recovery goals set by the newly installed administration of President Ferdinand ‘Bong Bong’ Marcos Jr. 


Moreover, the organization counts on government support to help reach the targets.  For its part, the IT-BPM industry commits to being a partner for high value job creation and national economic recovery. 


In a forum hosted by the government economic cluster following the President’s first State of the Nation Address on July 25, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) identified the IT-BPM industry as among the growth industries that are set to become key employment generators in the next six years. 


Contact Center Association of the Philippines
During the 2019 Contact Islands with CCAP member companies, partners and stakeholders.


CCAP is confident that with the right support, it attain the top end of its growth target range. “There is a surge in global market demand, driving double digit growth prospects for Philippine IT-BPM. If we collectively support the industry to capitalize on this global demand, it can mean up to additional 1.1 million more high value, high paying jobs for Filipinos over the next six years. This is clearly an exciting time for the industry,” said CCAP Chairman Benedict Hernandez


Based on data from global research firm Everest Group, the local IT-BPM industry’s headcount grew in 2021 by up to 10% or over 120,000 jobs year-on-year—its strongest since 2016. The momentum is expected to be sustained in 2022. In 2020, the industry still grew by up to 5% despite the onset of the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic. 


Contact Center Association of the Philippines
Contact Center Association of the Philippines commits to help boost Ph economy


According to industry insiders, that growth translates to a $29.5 billion revenue in 2021 from $26.7 billion in 2020 and $26.3 billion in 2019. The industry’s annual revenue has been continuously growing strongly—from just $8.9 billion in 2010.  


Maintaining PH’s top status

“The contact center sector has demonstrated tremendous agility and resiliency to effectively deliver world class customer experience management services to global and domestic clients throughout the pandemic.” said Hernandez. 


“CCAP and its members continue to work to maintain the Philippines’ status as the best provider of customer experience management services through the country’s growing stable of world-class and up-skilled talent,” he added.


Contact Center Association of the Philippines
Contact Center Association of the Philippines commits to help boost Ph economy


The organization of locally operating contact center firms is reiterating its commitment to continue working with the national government to attain economic goals especially in this period of recovery after the inevitable impact of the pandemic. It aims to attract more investments going to the country through the sector and the industry and consequently create more high-value jobs to empower more Filipinos nationwide. 


Counting on government backing

CCAP is calling for continued government support to ensure the attainment of the industry growth targets. Among the recommendations by the group are the sustained improvements in the ease of doing business and long-term program that will allow the industry to be more globally competitive.  This includes clear policy on flexible work arrangements, strengthening of PEZA as true “one-stop-shop” for administration, compliance, and reporting matters with respect to PEZA’s registered business entities. 


The group is also asking the education sector to continue producing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates who are digital-ready and appropriately skilled to join the growing IT-BPM industry; the telecommunications, real estate and other partner industries to continue improving infrastructures for communications, connectivity, transportation, workplaces of the future that support industry’s growth in NCR and multiple provincial locations.


For its part, CCAP pledges to continue addressing untapped service opportunities, getting into new client markets, and building more infrastructure targeting fast-growing tech companies more aggressively. 


Contact Center Association of the Philippines
Contact Center Association of the Philippines commits to help boost Ph economy


More insights will be highlighted in the upcoming Contact Islands 2022, an annual event hosted by CCAP to be held at the Crimson Resort and Spa in Boracay island from October 19-21. Staging its return to a physical venue this year, the conference will once again gather stakeholders to map out the contact center sector’s direction and programs for the next six years. 


For more information about Contact Islands 2022 and other programs for the year, contact CCAP’s Secretariat Office at +63 2 8843-0603 or visit their website at


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