Blackberry Passport, my first impression

Blackberry Passport Review

2weeks after the launch, i finally get to hold and feel the all new Blackberry Passport.

At first glance, you will notice its sleek design, beauty in black and its glittery wide display.

What makes this different amongst the rest of the Blackberry phones ever made is its shape. It is square, fits in the palm of your hands and slim and a bit heavy. The weight is considerably good for carrying handheld or in the pocket. The silver trimmings will tell you it was carefully designed with aluminum alloy giving it a classy look and a sturdy body.

It has a QWERTY keyboard, alphabets only and the numeric and special symbols will appear on the touchscreen.

The keyboard is also made of a different material compared to the older version where there is a bubble air sponge like cushion set between the device and the keypad.

In this case, you will require a little more pressure on the fingertips to depress the keypad. The spaces between the keypad and the device once depresses seems shorter than the old ones. I am referring to the 8900, 9230, 9700, 9780 series blackberry devices that i used for 5 years.

Honestly, i am excited to take this Passport for a stress test. What i am amazed is the specs of this device that should come to par, id not, near to the top models of various brands.

Since this is an LTE smartphone, i am glad that Globe Telecoms is willing to help me test the LTE functionality of the Passport and also try the voice calls and texting convenience of the newly designes keyboard.

Getting back to the physical appearance, the LCD is also square in appearance. With Globe’s LTE, i will test the youtube video and see the aspect ratio of the square screen on how it will respond in adjusting the size of the youtube movie.

The power button is on top right and the headset jack is on top left. The power jack is at the middle bottom, comes with a standard micro usb. While on the left corner, there are 3 buttons. 2 long buttons control the volume up and down, and a configurable short small between which is a help key.

Apparently, i was able to use the old blackberry chargers and even tried charging it with other standard micro usb chargers and worked as well.

I no longer have to worry carrying separate chargers for different phones unlike before.

Stay tuned while i share my daily experience with photos and posts using the #blackberrypassportphtest hashtag on my twitter and instagram account elivillagonzalo.

The LTE experience will be powered by @Globe Telecom.


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