BlackBerry Passport, every traveller’s perfect companion

Blackberry Passport Review

What qualities of a Smart Phone do you need to name it a Perfect Travel companion? Is it battery power? Front and rear camera? LTE capable? Email handling? Social media friendly?

Here’s my review of the all new BlackBerry Passport and why i call it a perfect companion.

The BlackBerry Passport comes with a whopping 3450Mah battery which gives a various of choices on how to use it wisely and effectively.

On wifi

During the #blackberrypassportphtest i have really tried in different scenarios. For this option, it gave me 24 to 30 hours battery life. Meaning, after using it for a day, sleeping and upon waking up, there is still battery in the phone. So if you are a traveller hopping from one office to another, this is a pretty good battery life. You will be able to recharge as soon as you get back to your domicile.

On 3G

Leaving at 8am with a series of events that i attended, going home around 10pm, it still has 12% battery and totally drained after 2 hours. So this is roughly 14 to 16 hours. Still not bad if you are on the road most of the time.

On 4G LTE Network

After getting my LTE Nano sim from Globe, i was able to take it to a further #blackberrypassportphtest now with a #globeltenanosim and the experience was different. I was able to post faster and was even able to download photos, share videos and images faster as well. The life of the battery was around 10 to 12 hours. Please note i am a social media fanatic and posting on fb, twitter and checking my emails as well.

On shared mobile hotspot

Using 4G and sharing my internet to 8 users was actually very useful especially when my home internet went down during the Christmas and New Year. It was able to connect all 8 devices successfully and had no problems using them individually when they are in youtube, file sharing, spotify, or viber.

The 4G LTE signal reception

Out of all the units i presently tested for 4G, this phone the Blackberry Passport is outstanding! At my place in the condo, where i live on the 11th floor, it is very hard to get a descent signal reception. But i was amazed that this phone, the #blackberrypassportphtest was able to get a 4G LTE signal! This never happened with the Alcatel Pop S3 and the LG G3 and also my portable wifi hotspot.

The voice reception

If you have never heard or experienced a noise reduction on a mobile phone, better try this out. The BlackBerry Passport gives you a crisp, boosted audio-quality that is like hearing an operator talk from a callcenter grade headset.

This is part 1 of my full review. Part 2 will uncover photos and videos taken by the Passport.

I will share the other reasons why it’s a perfect mate for travel. Please allow me some time to download from the phone so i can upload it on the web.

Stay tuned.


Eli has 28 years of extensive IT sales expertise in Data, voice and network security and integrating them is his masterpiece. Photography and writing is his passion. Growing up as a kid, his father taught him to use the steel bodied Pentax and Hanimex 135mm film and single-direction flash, Polaroid cameras, and before going digital, he used mini DV tape with his Canon videocam. He now shoots with his Canon EOS 30D. Photography and blogging is a powerful mixture for him.

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