First look at the Kata i3L (unboxing and first impression)

Kata Philippines will soon a launch another product in the mobile category, the Kata i3L this coming Friday January 15, 2016 via pre-ordering. I have the chance to take a first look with this light, slim and compact LTE phone which i believe would be less than P10,000 in the market.


Unboxing the Kata i3L (i3 LTE)

The packaging comes with 1 i3L unit, 1 x 2100mah battery, 1 white usb power cord, 1 white headset, 1 white adaptor charger 100-240v AC input, 5Volts DC 1 Amp output and a user’s manual.


Unboxing Kata i3L (i3 LTE)

The i3L is has a dual sim slot, 1 standard cut and 1 micro sim slot and an expansion slot for your SD card.


Unboxing Kata i3L (i3 LTE)

The initial impression you will notice with the i3L is that it has a different look, feel, size and weight. Here is a side by side comparison with the Kata M2L (left), i4 (center) and the i3L (right).


Similarities : they all have aluminum frames that makes them sturdy.

Weight comparison : The i4 though smaller than the M2L is heavier and the i3 comes lightest of them all.

Differences : The i4 has a single micro sim slot (top loading), and earphone port on beside it. The i4 charging port for the mini usb is at the bottom. While the M2L and i3L have both charging ports on top with earphones beside it and both models have dual sim slot with the same configuration, standard and micro sim. The Kata M2L and i4 have different switch orientations, power switch and volume up and down are on reverse side. While the Kata i3L has both the power button, volume up and down on the same side.

Tomorrow i will test the i3L if both of the ports have LTE capability just like that of the M2L. The M2L has a better camera than the i4 so this will also be another benchmarking for the i3L though it seems it has a faster and much sharper lens.

Power is also an important feature. The i3L is packed with a 2100mah removable battery. Let us see if there is a take off with the weight and if you will need a second battery while on the field.



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