Blackberry introduces its flagship, Passport

Cameron  Vernest Managing Director, Singapore and Philippines
Cameron Vernest Managing Director, Singapore and Philippines

Cameron Vernest, Managing Director of Blackberry for Singapore and Philippines was overwhelmed with the response from the media and bloggers who attended the Blackberry Passport launch this noon.

What is exciting about Blackberry Passport?

First, is its size. It has the same size of your Passport. Thus, it snugs fit to your pocket.

Second, the design. The crafted design and materials used for the Passport such as the Corning Glass 3 for the display and forged stainless steel for added strength that improves durability.

Third, the large square screen is for optimized viewing and creating content.

Fourth, Blackberry’s QWERTY keyboards have always made it easier for navigation by scrolling up and down, or swipe left to erase.

Fifth, amazing specs. It comes with a 13mp rear camera and 2mp front camera. It boasts of a 3,450mah built-in battery, an LTE nano sim card slot, a 3GB Ram and 32gb memory space with an sd expansion slot thar supports 128gb.

Sixth, introducing the Blackberry blend app. It syncs your Passport and any other Blackberry device running OS version 10.3, to access apps, email, and other applications with other devices be it an Apple tablet, PC, or just any other device with the installed app. Access is secured using the blackberry ID and a unique key built-in every device.

The Blackberry Passport suggested retail price of Php 35,790 through Blackberry shops and can also be availed through postpaid plans from Telcos Globe Telecom and Smart Commmunications.

I am waiting to get my hands on this device and take it for a spin.

The Blackberry Passport is definitely the new kid in town!


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