SHELL Philippines quick response to COVID-19

The scare of the dreaded virus Corona Virus or otherwise known as COVID-19 has affected not only the entire Philippines but the whole world. Ever since the official announcement direct from the President for a community quarantine, the fear of people of not having any income for a no work no pay policy has affected so many people mentally and socially as this would disrupt and affect their daily lives.

SHELL Philippines Quick response to COVID-19

Companies like Shell Philippines has extended their help to all their employees beyond normal conditions. In response to this, Shell Philippines has given to their employees the guarantee of a secured employment by giving their employees flexible work arrangements, financial assistance by having access to emergency loans, a 24×7 telemedicine by avoiding them to go to the hospitals (unless necessary) to prevent exposure, online counselling services, temporary shelter for and transportation for business continuity.

SHELL Philippines quick response to COVID-19

Shell Philippines also would like their patrons know that they are exercising and implementing preventive measures to disinfect the shell stations to provide power and products to its customers and communities for business continuity to sustain operations. Malampaya continues to operate to provide 30% of Luzon’s power needs and our Shell stations will remain open to serve motorists and provide basic services.

SHELL Philippines quick response to COVID-19

Shell salutes the frontliners who have been tirelessly working to #FlattenTheCurve. To support the medical and government frontliners, by donating N95 masks to the Department of Health (DOH), and Philippine General Hospital (PGH), donation of Select mineral water to 7 hospitals, giving food packs (biscuits and water) to medical workers / police / military / logistics drivers through shell retailers, donation to Pasacao, Camarines del Sur to purchase relief goods for indigent families.

SHELL Philippines quick response to COVID-19
Shell donates N95 face masks to DoH. Shell Country Health Advisor Dra. Rose Rivera (3rd from right) leads Shell officials in turning over 3,000 pieces of N95 face masks to Department of Health (DoH) Undersecretary Myrna Cabotaje. Also in photo are (left to right) Shell Country Occupational Health Nurse Patrick Jeremillos and DoH Director Gloria Balboa, Assistant Secretary (Asec.) Kenneth Ronquillo, Usecs Gerry Bayugo and Rosette Vergeire and Asec. Nestor Santiago.

Shell is also a partner of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation in COVID-19 response.

Our own forecourt staff are frontliners too, as they continue to serve the needs of our motorists. To support our Shell forecourt staff, we are providing accommodation in our stations with transportation to and from work, meals for staff while on duty, face masks and alcohol for when they are on duty and when they travel to and from our stations, financial support for staff grounded by the enhanced community quarantine.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow advice from public health authorities to help ensure the well-being of our employees, customers and local communities.



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