GCash Send Money lets you manage funds amidst Covid-19 outbreak

Fintech GCash prevents the spread of COVID-19 through send money

Fintech company GCash prevents the spread of covid-19 through send money, the leading e-wallet provider in the Philippines by giving peace of mind right at your fingertips. GCash Send Money lets you manage funds amidst Covid-19 outbreak, #stayathome #workathome and social distancing.

GCash Send Money lets you manage funds amidst Covid-19 outbreak
Fintech GCash prevents the spread of COVID-19 through send money

The spread of covid-19 has forced companies in all segments to work at home and stay at home to prevent the spread of the dreaded virus. The enemy is invisible and has no physical traits to see if someone has acquired it.

The financial institutions like banks and even stock market has been paralyzed and were forced to close their offices and branches to help stop the spread of the covid-19 virus. These makes over the counter transactions for all your financial needs like payment of utility bills, bank to bank transfers like send and receive money.

GCash has revolutionized the way we handle our money and our finances. As supported by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Fintech companies have been allowed to operate the underserved people in the Country, most especially those that have not been to a commercial or even a rural bank, and does not have any savings account in a bank whatsoever.

Since its opening, GCash has 10x more account holders than credit card and bank account users combined. Thus, empowering our Filipinos to simply manage their finances at their fingertips.

What are the benefits of GCash? 

GCash allows you to transfer from a GCash account to any GCash account anytime, anywhere. All you need is the app on your phone and internet data and you can easily send, transfer and receive gcash to gcash.

How do you reload GCash?

There are many ways in reloading money to your GCash. You can actually reload from various partners like 7-eleven through the Cliqq booth, or using the Cliqq app.

You can also link your bank account to your GCash so transferring money from your commercial bank, to GCash to another bank or another GCash is quick, easy and definitely safe.

How to transfer funds from GCash to a bank account

As earlier mentioned, you can get funds from your bank and send to GCash, and at the same time, by using EXPRESS SEND you will be able to send money to any bank in the partner list. As you need to pay your house loan, car loan, mobile internet, postpaid mobile plan, the ease of EXPRESS SEND lets you do all these in a flick of your fingers!



EXPRESS SEND keeps you safe with social distancing as you don’t need to go to any banks, the fear of those ATMs contaminated with the COVID-19 virus, and the person to person contact. It also lets you do this while in your pajamas, while watching NETFLIX as a couch potato. Thus, #stayathome #workathome safe and sound.


One thing more, EXPRESS SEND happens in a matter of seconds. You will get a text notification with your registered mobile number and a copy of the receipt with your email (as long as you fill in this part prior to sending), and you will also get a notification in your GCASH dashboard in the app itself.




EXPRESS SEND is absolutely FREE, no service charges in using this feature compared to other send money facilities that your transaction fees depends on the amount you will be sending. For commercial banks, there is a minimum of P100 for this.

GCash changed the way i handle my finances

Being one of the pioneer account holders of GCash, i have seen how this startup company has changed people’s lives. For me, i am able to do the simple stuff like buying load for my globe and smart prepaid mobile sims, and my Globe at Home WiFi, not only my own but for my mom who is in the province where reloading stations are scarce. GCash also gives you 5% discount in form of rebates. I am also able to pay my utility bills like internet and cable using the GCash app.

Since i have linked my commercial bank ATM to my GCash, i am able to transfer my salary and fund my GCash easily. From there, i am able to send money to other banks to pay other financial obligations. GCash has also allowed me to pay government obligations like SSS salary loans with ease by avoiding lines and missing work.

How to become a GCash account user

You can download the GCash app for FREE with the following links

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.globe.gcash.android&hl=en –

Apple Appstore: https://apps.apple.com/ph/app/gcash/id520020791

Make sure you complete the process and get fully verified. Prepare two valid government issued IDs and go through the KYC process which is a mandate by BSP for Fintech Companies.






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