Redefining your shopping experience by Zing Rewards


Here’s great news for you shoppers! What if you have a card that gives you rebate in Peso to your equivalent points? Now we have it!

Zing Rewards is the only Rewards Loyalty cards that gives you cash rebates from your points. Imagine that, if you have 10,000 points you’ll have P10,000 as well!

Revolutionizing Loyalty

Zing Rewards wants to go beyond the usual cashback programs because they believe that rewards should not be measured by percentage signs, but through genuinely satisfied smiles. They want to delight customers with
unique experiences that excite, with the discovery of new things and thrill with the anticipation of their next store visit because they know that there is always something amaZing up its sleeves.


Zing Rewards is currently building a strong nationwide presence as it plans to establish a community of 500 merchant partners and 100,000 cardholders by the end of 2014. The goal is to create a truly compelling
lifestyle brand that caters to the different needs of the contemporary urbanite. Zing Rewards aims to serve both boutique and chain operations as it boasts of programs that can be tailor-fit to suit different businesses needs.

The Zing Initiative: Redefining Rewards

Retention marketing through loyalty programs has grown in popularity over the last year. Studies on customer acquisition and retention show startling insights on how lowering customer defection rates can increase business profitability from 25% up to 125%. This resulted to an increase in the popularity of loyalty and rewards programs that are specifically designed to drive new and repeat business. One can say that loyalty programs have now
become a dime a dozen. How is Zing Rewards different? It goes beyond loyalty.

Zing Rewards works at the intersection of digital and traditional marketing. It has developed a low friction, high value solution that enables merchants to connect with customers at a more personal level, as it utilizes digital technology and merges it with the “old-school” charm of a pleasing walk-in experience. Zing Rewards aims to create a truly engaging relationship between businesses and their customers. It promises to work closely with merchants in the creation of a rewards program that is unique to their brand and appeals to their own set of consumers. A lot of emphasis will be placed on creating dynamic, positive and memorable experiences that will actually put the spotlight on its merchant partners, while creating brand ambassadors who are sure to develop a genuine advocacy to your brand simply because they are, at the end of the day, satisfied customers.

Zing Rewards for Consumers

It is indeed the age of savvy customers. People are looking to find more bang for their hard earned buck. They have started to define their choice of lifestyle. They work hard and reward themselves with the quality of life they want to live. It’s quite scientific. Human behavior is most certainly defined by the prospect of an
achievement–a reward.

The contemporary urbanite may have more purchasing power, but with that comes a conscious effort to make better informed decisions. Brand loyalty still comes into play but so does price, quality and value for money.
Consumption is now geared towards getting the best deals, the best experiences and making the right choices.

Apart from aspirational wants, people also have basic consumption needs. What if you can get extra perks while you pay for the things that you essentially need? Can you imagine getting rewarded every time you go to workout at the gym or whenever you have your usual lunch at the corner street restaurant? That is exactly what Zing Rewards wants to do!

Zing Rewards is a loyalty card that offers unique rewards, exciting freebies and rebates at a variety of stores. It puts the premium on perks by giving you thrice as much benefits compared to other loyalty programs, while it offer cashbacks at a growing community of trendy and exciting establishments. Earn points every time you use
your card at any merchant partner and use them to buy exclusive deals on the Zing Rewards website. One point is equivalent to a peso. Accumulate those points and convert them to cash. Earn additional points by posting reviews, through social media shares or by sharing Zing Rewards to friends.

Zing Rewards offers you the flexibility to do more with your hard earned points. You can buy e-coupons, member exclusive deals, products and services at any of our merchant partners or you can convert your points to cash and transfer your money to an existing bank account. Just register online and accumulate a minimal amount of 200 points or Php 200.00 to enable you to move cashbacks to your very own bank account.


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