MG launches the all new IM LS7 all electric crossover SUV

MG Philippines makes another huge splash by at this year’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) by bringing the IM LS7 to the country.


The LS7 is a crossover SUV under the manufacturer’s premium electric vehicle (EV) badge that offers pure electric luxury to motorists and passengers. It’s made for those who want to enjoy riding a large vehicle on the road while also enjoying the amazing perks of a modern and cutting-edge automobile. The car is set to be available later this year, with pre-orders already open at MIAS.


MG launches the all new IM LS7 all electric crossover SUV
MG Philippines launches the IM LS7, the first of its premium all-EV line to arrive in the Philippines. MG Philippines executives (L-R) Sales Manager Aaron Brosas, General Manager Glenn Tacardon, President Felix Jiang, and Marketing Director Dax Avenido formally unveiled the luxurious electric SUV at MIAS 2024.


“The LS7 will enter the Philippine market very soon and set a new benchmark in the segment, and we’re excited that we can talk about the manifestation of our ambition to embrace the new track of intelligent electrification,” said Felix Jiang, MG Philippines president. 


A powerful electric motor

Its electric battery pushes a maximum of 425kW of power and a peak torque of 725Nm, hitting 0 to 100 kph in only 4.5 seconds. The LS7 also performs reliably by reaching up to 530km on one full charge, making the most out of every ride. This maximum range can also be extended in one touch using the car’s unique Super-Eco Mode, relieving any anxiety about how far it can go.


An all-star chassis

IM also sourced best-in-class suppliers from around the world to design and build what it calls its all-star chassis. The LS7 has advanced air suspension from Continental, damping control from Bilstein, a front four-piston fixed caliper from Brembo, and sturdy high-performance EV tires straight from Michelin, to name a few.


Eye-catching SUV design

The LS7’s crossover SUV dimensions make it a thing of beauty. Measuring 5.05 meters in length, 2 meters in width, and 1.731 meters in height, as well as having a 3.06m wheelbase, the LS7 leads the class as a perfect all-rounder vehicle.


The car also comes with a Starfall front windshield that gives a stunning 106-degree vertical view and a clear IMAX-level visibility while driving. Its automatic power and frameless doors create a smooth and seamless look and feel, while its double-layer laminated glass windows greatly insulate the inside from external noise.


A futuristic interior

Inside the car, it’s got an adjustable 42-inch triple screen, a set of Zero Gravity Seats that offer the ultimate comfort along with a relaxing 16-point massage function and ventilation capabilities. The LS7 comes with 24 speakers, including headrest and sky speakers, for a truly immersive three-dimensional sound experience.


Meanwhile, the LS7 also breaks new ground in the industry with the first-ever pre-site deodorization and formaldehyde removal. The air inside the car is clean, and the air quality can be preserved for more than 180 days of use.


A never-before-seen highly intelligent driving experience 

Motorists will appreciate its Evolvable Intelligent Driving Assistance System, which brings 11 HD cameras, three millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, two semi-solid vehicle-grade high beam LiDARs, and an NVIDIA Orin X chip. This powers its one-touch iAD system, which helps drivers solve and navigate common urban road scenarios, such as tight maneuvers and challenging parking. All of these work in conjunction to greatly enhance the on-road operation of the LS7.


Top-notch AI-powered safety

The LS7 is also one of the safest drives in the industry. It’s built with high-proportional submarine grade steel and a hard top cage structure that offers a lot of protection, while the chassis also has a high torsional stiffness of up to 36,000Nm/deg, improving rides and the lifespan of parts. On top of this, the car is equipped with seven airbags that ensure optimal safety for everyone.


On the software side, the LS7 enhances safety with its novel Rainy Night Mode, an AI-powered driving assist that continuously presents a real-time image of its A-pillar and rear-side blind zones on both sides of its triple display. It instantly identifies and highlights elements in traffic, such as pedestrians, bicycles, and other vehicles.


With a prime, feature-packed design, the LS7 is the best choice for motorists who want to take that major bold step into the promising electric future of automobiles.


The LS7 is now available for pre-orders at the MG booth at the SMX Convention Center leg of MIAS 2024, from April 4 to 7, 2024.


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