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Hyundai offers exclusive AYOS discounts in PMS promotion

As part of its 20th anniversary Hyundai is offering discounts when customers bring their vehicles for Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS).

The new Hyundai AYOS promotion encourages car owners to book a PMS appointment between August 10 to 20, 2021 to avail 20% off on parts and services, a 21-point check-up, free car wash and free 20th anniversary golf umbrella.

Customers just need to fill up the AYOS raffle coupon and drop them at designated drop boxes on or before August 21 at 12 noon and get a chance to win a car care kit, a pressure washer, or P 2,000 off on the next PMS at all Hyundai dealerships nationwide.

For more details car owners can see flyers and the Hyundai PH Facebook page.

Hyundai AYOS promotion
On its 20th Anniversary, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) goes all out to give you just that with the Hyundai AYOS Raffle promo.
Book an appointment and bring in your Hyundai for PMS from August 10 to 20, 2021 and get 20% off on PMS Parts and Services, FREE Carwash and 21-point Check-up and a FREE 20th Anniversary Golf Umbrella!

Meanwhile, Hyundai is giving customers some tips and hacks for keeping your car clean.

  1. Keep a MAKEUP BRUSH in your car.

Use the fluffy make brush to dust air vents before turning on the air. An old brush will work. Just make sure it’s clean.

2. SQUEEGEE pet hair away

Taking your beloved fur babies on trips leaves a bunch of hair on the seats. A simple trick is to spray a bit of water on the seats and use a squeegee to wipe the hair off!


You know how it’s so hard to clean car cup holders? Put in some silicon cupcake liners to catch the dirt. When cleaning time comes, pop the liners out, give them a good shake, rinse them with water, and pop them back in! 

4. Clean your headlights with TOOTHPASTE.

Notice how your car’s headlights get cloudy over time? This can cause major visibility issues. A little cleaning can go a long way. Scrub those headlights with some toothpaste applied on to a dry rag, then wipe them down with a wet rag.


Keep the cabin clean with this make-shift trash can: an old plastic cereal container lined with a grocery bag. It’s especially useful for long drives with the family!

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