Globe Group: EO on streamlined permits process for telco infra to accelerate PH’s digital transformation

The  Globe Group, the Philippines’ leading digital solutions platform, welcomes President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr’s Executive Order (EO) No. 32, which streamlines the process of obtaining government permits for the construction of telecommunications infrastructure. 


The President’s order is seen to pave the way for greater digital transformation in the country, aligned with the government and private sector’s shared goal of bridging the digital divide by increasing access to digital resources, services and opportunities. 


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Globe Group: EO on streamlined permits process for telco infra to accelerate PH’s digital transformation


“We are grateful to President Marcos for issuing this EO, which will allow the telco industry and the adjunct TowerCo industry to further ramp up infrastructure builds that will provide life-enabling connectivity in an equitable way across the country. This will help accelerate the country’s digital transformation and open doors for more opportunities to Filipinos in the areas of education, employment and innovation,” said Globe Group President and  CEO Ernest Cu.


The EO, issued on July 5, mandates streamlined guidelines in obtaining permits to build ICT infrastructure, eliminating redundant processes. By cutting through red tape, it fosters an environment conducive to rapid digital infrastructure development.


Globe Telecom, with its substantial investments in network infrastructure, is primed to support this digital pivot. The company is committed to delivering a #1stWorldNetwork to Filipinos, aligned with the nation’s growing demand for robust, reliable, and inclusive connectivity.


In addition to the EO’s immediate benefits, Globe Telecom also appreciates the long-term implications of the order. By setting up a one-stop shop for construction permits and implementing a zero backlog policy, the EO encourages transparency and efficiency across all government agencies and local government units (LGUs) involved in the process.


“This EO isn’t just about expediting processes. It’s about setting the stage for a long-term, sustainable digital transformation in the Philippines. It fosters a more inclusive and competitive business environment, spurring innovation that ultimately benefits Filipinos,” Cu said.


Globe is optimistic about the future and is ready to capitalize on opportunities provided by EO No. 32. 


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