Globe GCash 10th Anniversary powered by Mastercard

Globe GCash Mastercard

No credit card? No problem!

Globe GCash with the GCash Mastercard makes it an easy and secure way to send and receive money and make payments. The new GCash Mastercard makes you swipe and pay safely in shops and online payment transactions in the Philippines. You can shop until you drop without the hustle and fear of carrying too much cash around by swiping at any of the thousands of Mastercard merchants nationwide. It can also be used for online in e-commerce sites as well.

Getting cash is easy. Just use at any ATM, or GCash cash-out outlets.

Tracking all your spendings can be monitored immediately via App online.

Reloading your GCash Wallet

Visit any of our cash-in-centers (Flobe stores, Villarica, Tambunting Pawnshops, Rural banks, etc) or have family and friends send you money instantly via Globe send money service.

No remittance fees

Now you can send funds to your family and loved ones without paying remittance fees from GCash to GCash.

The convenience of paying your bills can be made easily by using App, online or USSD. This gives you more time to do other things and without going to the hustle of falling in line.

Globe GCash Mastercard can be availed at any Globe store for 0100 only. Upon enrolment, you will need to provide your Globe or TM mobile number as this will be linked to your account.

Activation will be done by using your phone. Simply dial *143#
Choose GCash-activate card-enter your 16 digit card number-enter 3 digit code found at the back of the card-enter expiry date-wait for the welcome message.


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