Free Facebook is back! and the 30MB internet daily


From the Telco Company that first gave the Philippine Public prepaid users “FREE FACEBOOK” is now back! Globe Telecom relaunched its FREE FACEBOOK to the prepaid users to go head to head with Smart, Sun, Talk n Txt FREE 30MB internet to all postpaid subscribers following the announcement made by MVP Manny Pangilinan to the media last Friday.

The battle between these two giants is very exciting as it unravels unknown possibilities just like this one. Who would ever imagine putting the power of social media at the palm of your hands!

Here are two sides of the story, the Triple-play Smart, Sun, Talk N’ Text offers 30MB of internet to selected sites while the other, Globe offers FREE FACEBOOK all day!

What can you do with 30MB of internet?

You can do the following :

Post pictures – the file size of pictures can attribute to reaching your 30MB limit per day
Share videos – downloading and uploading long videos is not recommended
Check, send, reply to emails
Listen to Music – again, downloading MP3s depending on the compression would matter most
Video call

Likewise, attaining the right bandwidth will rely on some things :

Is your area have cellsite coverage for 2G/3G Network?
Is your phone capable of High-Speed Internet?

It is also not disclosed if the free 30MB shall have a limited bandwidth. But well, beggars can’t be choosers. What’s FREE should be better than not having anything at all. Let’s be thankful about it. And the thing is, it is offered for 60 days only. So this will end by November 25. Christmas season is not included.

For an undetermined period, FREE FACEBOOK IS BACK!

Facebook has it’s file sharing, both for pictures and videos. Music sharing is also part of it. Messenger, now being the new medium app for messaging to your friends in private either individual or groups, you can share almost anything and everything. You can also make voice calls in FB. You can also be reminded and greet your friends’ birthday, create events and calendars.

So what is the best promo for you?

Free Facebook or 30MB?

It all depends really on what network you are on right now or shall i say, what network is effective in your particular area. For me, i have traveled to several sites in the Philippines, North and South, and there are really some spots you have no other choice. There are even spots where there is a signal but there is no available load retailer. Funny but it’s true.

The real victory is the public as they are the true recipients of these two battling telcos.

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