STI celebrates 31 strong years in Educating the Filipinos

Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna was the home of STI College in its celebration for its 31st Institutional Anniversary.

Students from different parts of the Philippines, came to celebrate with the theme “Be the Hero, Be STI”. Approximately 20,000 students experienced this with a round-up of activities starting with a dance craze contest that kicked off their shoes in their own rhythm and blues where 5 to 6 students, from North to South, strut their way to the stage In “Hataw Sayaw”.

There was also a singing competition for the Gifted singers sang in the Singing Idol competition, while young master musicians grouped together to contend in Battle of the Bands.

Charming STI personalities competed for the titles of Mr. & Ms. STI 2014. Candidates from various parts of the Philippines paved the catwalk

Following this occasion, there will be more events in the following months that are focused in academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities such as the STI National Youth Convention (STI NYC) to provide vitals lessons outside their classrooms, and the Tagisan ng Talino and Tagisan ng Sining competitions to showcase the aptitude of STI’s most skilled students.

“In this event, STI does not only honor the heroic feats STIers have done in the past, but we also aim to motivate the students to be heroes in their own rights. Successful alumni from different batches help us inspire our current students to be the best that they can be. Likewise, this event is more than just a traditional celebration of our anniversary as we aim to advocate the well-rounded development of young individuals. More importantly, we’ve ensured that these activities instill the necessary positive values as part of our learning systems,” says STI’s President Monico V. Jacob in a statement.

More power to STI and we hope you can nurture more and more students that will be excel and contribute to the Philippines in the near future.


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