De La Salle University partners with Globe Telecom E-Learning program

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Last Tuesday, Globe Telecom, invited the Media together with some units of Colleges and University, as they unveil another Milestone in Mobile Learning Technology, as De La Salle University partners with Globe Telecom for their E-Learning program. The program was opened by no other than the President and CEO Mr. Ernest Cu at the Mind Museum, BGC, Fort Bonifacio.

Mr. Cu explained that his vision to give the new generation the best of what technology and education has to offer and it is his goal to do this as part of his Corporate Responsiblity. This took 2 years to finally find the right partners who have the right product offering that they can offer to private Universities and Colleges here in the Philippines.

Bro. Dennis Magbanua, OIC President and Chancellor of De La Salle University, speaks about his experience to transform the classroom from the same old looking teacher’s table, blackboard and chairs with armchair. To note, it was only the LCD projector that was added since then. They took pilots internally with the Academic personnel by lending them mobile devices and teaching them how to properly use it. One thing he noticed was the mobile devices were not used for practical classroom purposes. He also mentioned that BYOD or bring your own device is a way that the school can save on electrical energy as it only costs P60 a year to charge a tablet annually, while to charge a desktop annually is around P1,271.

Bro. Magbanua was guided with a quote saying, “The best way to predict the future, is to invent it as he speaks about his vision to produce students who will contribute to Nation Building.

And during the transformation, he challenged the Academic personnel with a guiding principle, “Let us not wait to make the future to happen, we will make the kind of future we want to happen”.

One to one mobile learning and steps they took to make De La Salle a Techcosystem University, “where an Ecosystem of Technology where it is actually a culture of teaching, not only mobile devices , but technology in all its possible and useful forms are integrated”.

Globe Telecom explains that the E-Learning platform is adaptive and does not need to create a new set of Curriculum of the University. It also allows different privileges for Administrators, Teaching staff, Student and even parents to this portal.

Everything is in the cloud thus there is nothing on the device that you store. All you need is a browser. All steps to ensure the security of the data has also been accounted for and it is modular. No need to take a big leap, small baby steps can be done.


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