Unboxing the Nubia Z5S Mini

ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini

The ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini comes in a very elegant small white rectangular box.

Inside the box, comes the unit and underneath it comes a white ZTE heavy duty charger and a white USB cable. The package does not come with a headset so you would need to buy or use an existing one.

My first impression

The ZTE Nubia Z5 S Mini with the model NX404H is very slim and lightweight. One of the lightest and slimmest phone i have ever seen. The Power button is on top right and the headset jack on the top left. The volume button is on the left side of the unit while the mini usb charging port can be found at the bottom right of the unit. It comes with a front and rear camera. Removing the back cover, i see the built-in battery screwed to the unit. There are also 2 ports you can find left side (unit lying on its LCD), 1 for micro sim and 1 for micro SD. It also indicates 16GB WCDMA Digital Mobile handset made in Chinam but it doens’t indicate how many MaH the internal built-in battery has. The back cover is made up of lightweight soft plastic material making it lightweight.

Once you power up the unit, it shows a gallery of pictures with the brightly illuminated LCD display. It will ask you to configure a wifi network and also set up a Nubia account with your email address. The screen even at its minimum illumination settings will give you vivid colors on the display. The gorilla glass is smooth and your finger just slides on it easily.

Since i am still setting up the phone and software i need to download,

please visit us back for the review of the ZTE Z5 S Mini on its performance as i put it on the test.


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