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EMC announces its 100th Academic Alliance Partner, St. Paul University of Iloilo City and offers courses in Information Storage & Management, Cloud Computing, Data Science & Big Data Analytics and Backup & Recovery Services
St. Paul University aims to develop skill sets in engineering graduates in leading areas of IT and make them industry ready.

Expected enrolment of 2,500 students for EMC courses in the next two years in the current 100 EMC Academic Alliance institutions.

The EMC Academic Associate recognition will endorse skills of students in high demand sectors of Cloud Computing and Information Storage & Management and enhance their employability

EMC today announced its landmark 100th EMC Academic Alliance (EAA) partner in the Philippines. St. Paul University has joined the EMC Academic Alliance (EAA) program to offer courses in leading areas of technology including Information Storage & Management, Cloud Computing, Data Science & Big Data Analytics and Backup & Recovery Services to engineering graduates.

The partnership with St. Paul University marks a true milestone for EMC and the EAA program in the Philippines, having forged alliances with its first EAA partner, De La Salle University, in 2008. To date, EMC has trained over 1,140 students in the Philippines and more than 300,000 students in over 70 participating countries since its inception in 2006.

According to a recent survey by EMC, almost 46% believe that getting I.T. staff trained to keep pace with the implications of technology megatrends will be a challenge for their organization over the next few years. The EAA program seeks to bridge the skills gap in the industry and make the students industry ready, thereby enhancing their employability.

As part of EAA, EMC will provide St. Paul University with Instructor Training, Curriculum, Teaching resources and course materials to enable the institute with expertise and knowledge in line with the latest industry trends. In addition, EMC will conduct four five-day instructor-led training programs in Cloud and Big data in Manila, Davao, Iloilo and Cebu in 2015 for 120 university instructors.

Through the EMC HYPERLINK “” Academic Alliance program, EMC collaborates with leading educational institutions worldwide to address the emerging knowledge gap in the industry developing a resource pool of skilled, certified and industry-ready professionals. This is the only program in the industry that offers unique ‘open’ curriculum based education for students.

EMC also launched the new EMC Academic Associate recognition that would validate skills of EAA students in the high demand areas of Information Storage Management and Cloud Computing. The recognition which involves evaluation by EMC shall prove their skills and industry readiness to potential employers in the industry. It also endorses the students’ skills to be at par with their global counterparts. The recognition will be rolled out to all 100 EAA partner institutes across the country over the year.

To achieve EMC Academic Associate recognition, students are required to complete a highly technical online test available at zero cost. The globally standardized test provides objective validation to the EMC Academic Associate of his/her knowledge. The EMC Academic Associate recognition would also enable the students to join a large and diverse EMC technical community, where they can network, seek and give advice, and learn more through online forums such as the EMC Proven Professional community. The recognition can be promoted by students through the use of the Academic Associate logo and credential on resumes, email signatures, and in social media.

The online test for students is created by EMC technical subject matter experts who have developed EMC’s ‘open’ curriculum, ensuring strict alignment to the course materials and strong relevance in the industry. EMC Academic Associate is expected to benefit 2,000 students in the Philippines in 2015.

Mr. Krishna Kant, Head, EMC Academic Alliance, South Asia, Russia & ANZ

“The EMC Academic Alliance Program is aimed at cultivating talent globally and we are working with the best universities and technology education institutions in the world. We are happy to extend our expertise in emerging areas of technology to students of St. Paul University who play a major role in the emerging IT sector in the country.

Through the EAA program and EMC Academic Associate Recognition, we are focused on bridging the skills gap in the industry and validating the skills of the students which will significantly enhance their employability.”

Ronnie Latinazo, Managing Director, EMC Corporation Philippines

“The Philippines is one of the largest suppliers of IT talent in the region. The IT skills shortage both locally and globally, coupled with the growing adoption of cloud computing in the market presents many opportunities for skilled Filipino students to advance in the field.

Through the EMC Academic Alliance Program, we aim to help engineering graduates develop the required skill sets in leading areas of IT to make them industry ready. This is an important landmark for EMC and we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership addressing the skills gap in the Philippines”.





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