Converge ICT Solutions Inc. and LIPAD join forces to revolutionize travel

Leading fiber broadband provider Converge  ICT Solutions Inc. and Luzon International Premiere Airport Development Corporation (LIPAD),  cemented a partnership to fiber power the country’s premier international gateway in Central and  North Luzon, the Clark International Airport (CRK).  


CRK, touted as the first contactless airport in the country, will be running on Converge’s enterprise grade product, Direct Internet Access (DIA), which allows the airport to have a dedicated and  hyper-secured internet service. 


Converge and LIPAD partnership
Converge ICT Solutions Inc. and LIPAD join forces to revolutionize travel


“Our partnership with LIPAD is proof of our commitment to provide the best fiber solution to the  country’s critical transportation hubs. Our DIA enterprise product will support this gateway’s  connectivity needs, for both travelers and commercial establishments,” said Dennis Anthony Uy,  Converge CEO and Co-Founder. 


The opening of the new terminal building of CRK at the Clark Freeport Zone in Mabalacat,  Pampanga prompted President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to affirm that the Philippines is  “open for business.” The president also stated that CRK’s new terminal is just another building  block in the country’s goal to be a logistic center and ultimate travel destination in Asia. 


Facilitating this ambition is the Luzon International Premiere Airport Development (LIPAD)  Corporation, a special-purpose company established to manage the operations and maintenance  of Clark International Airport. After taking over CRK in 2019, the airport network managed 12  international and 19 domestic destinations, serving over 700 weekly flights from 20 airlines. With  the new 110,000 square meter, four-level building terminal, LIPAD seeks to expand this network  as it adds more domestic and international points to accommodate over 8 million passengers  annually.


“We want CRK to be the airport of choice for travelers flying in or out of the Philippines, and in  today’s fast-paced environment, providing our customers with a seamless and hassle-free  experience includes making sure that they are connected all the time. With the help of reliable  partners such as Converge, we can make our passengers’ journeys memorable,” said Mr. Noel F.  Manankil, LIPAD’s Chief Executive Officer. 


Having DIA assures LIPAD that it can continue managing Clark International Airport’s well orchestrated and time-sensitive operational process. Converge’s unique internet solution will allow  LIPAD and its business tenants to have smooth and uninterrupted connectivity service for  continuous business productivity. Direct Internet Access will also give CRK end-to-end pure fiber  connectivity, which will give LIPAD high-speed, consistent, secure, and worry-free connectivity  experience. 


“We are thrilled to partner with LIPAD Corporation in its quest for Clark International Airport to be  one of the top gateways in the Philippines. With our shared trade of connectivity and belief in  seamless experience, we are honored to provide them support through our first-rate connectivity  solutions,” said Converge Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero. “Helping Clark International 


Airport achieve its destined world-class status through revolutionizing the way people travel not  only encourages economic growth for our country but also opens possibilities and opportunities to  every Filipino who passes by their gates to be part of the world stage.” 


Converge and LIPAD sealed the partnership through a signing event at the newly opened  Departure Gate 15 of CRK. Also present at the signing are Converge North Luzon Region Head  Quennie Joy V. Lopez, Converge Regional Enterprise Head Eldridge Frederick B. Aldridge, and  LIPAD Corporation’s Vice President for Commercial Development, Evangeline Gabor-Tejada. 


Converge has been providing businesses and companies with secure, flexible, and dynamic  enterprise-grade fiber solutions to help companies like Luzon International Premiere Airport  Development (LIPAD) Corporation ensure their businesses run smoothly. To learn more about  Converge Business Solutions, visit


Mega Flights and Megabytes: Converge and LIPAD seal pact to power new Clark International  Airport with dedicated and hyper-secured internet service. In the photos from L-R: Converge North  Luzon Region Head Quennie Joy V. Lopez, Converge Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. RomeroLIPAD Chief Executive Office Mr. Noel F. Manankil, Converge Regional Enterprise Head Eldridge  Frederick B. Aldridge, and LIPAD Corporation Vice President for Commercial Development,  Evangeline Gabor-Tejada.


A new partnership takes flight: Converge and LIPAD ink a new venture to fiber-power the new  Clark International Airport. Converge Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero and LIPAD’s Chief  Executive Office Mr. Noel F. Manankil shook hands at the official signing event held at the CRK. 



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