The Braven 705 first impression


Braven’s 705 comes with a simple design with curves and rounded ends. It is a bluetooth speaker, a powerbank with usb port, a line-in and line-out with an led battery indicator. It has a built-in mic and speaker so you can use it in taking and making calls when it’s paired to your mobile device.

Simple yet elegant upto 12 full hours of music that you can fit in a loose pocket or handbag. Make sure it’s fully charged before you use it and never leave home without it.

It comes with different colors : All black, Cyan black, Gray black, Purple black, Magenta black, Teal black, White black and yellow black.

What is IPX5 certification?

IPX5 means it is certified water resistant so it can taken virtually anwhere life takes you. It is also designed with a punch of color and a blast of sound, the compact and stylish Braven 705 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for singing, dancing, and partying with you from day to night. Built to last, the lightweight, palm-sized Braven speaker is the best music buddy you will ever have.

Price and availability

This device is priced at P4,500 and will be made available through different accessory stalls in Metro Manila and leading malls.

Charging and charging station use

The Braven 705 is built with the smart circuitry that allows you to use the USB out powerbank feature while charging your device. This allows bypass charging of another device while you are charging the braven speakers.









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