Astra Guild Ventures improves lives one scholar at a time

Astra Guild Ventures, or AGV, is a gaming guild that is focused on Play-to-Earn games as a means of revenue. This guild has grown to 2,035 Axie Scholars and is growing, while expanding its reach and building towards an ecosystem in the Play-to-Earn space. This is not possible without the help from the community it has grown, and such growth is built on abundance, making it a two-way street of give and take.


Ron Kevin, 28 years old, also known as Reachie, is an AGV scholar, and is part of AGV’s administration team. He is a professional by all means, working in the BPO industry as a customer service representative. AGV was able to offer him opportunities for alternative ways to earn, and one of the ways he uses his free time is to earn from playing.


Astra Guild Ventures
Astra Guild Ventures improves lives one scholar at a time


Starting in AGV

When asked about how he started being a part of AGV, Reachie mentions that he was part of a different guild, where he hosts Q and As. He says that a friend introduced him to AGV.


Yung iba kong friends from other guilds, nasa AGV na rin. Nung lumipat ako, I saw a lot of opportunities where I can apply yung mga natutunan ko from other guilds.” Reachie shared.

Astra Guild Ventures
Astra Guild Ventures improves lives one scholar at a time

Reachie even went on to share how he started becoming a scholar in the guild.


Nag-apply ako as scholar sa AGV. May pinagawa silang task tapos nung ntatapos ko yung task, in one week, binigyan na ako ng scholarship.” he added.


Being Part of AGV

Reachie also shared how being part of the gaming guild, AGV, improved his overall prosperity.


During the time I was working, enough yung salary ko to cover my daily needs—my salary goes to my bills and savings. When I joined AGV, nagkaroon na ako ng extra para sa mga unexpected bills or paminsan, extra money for the things I want to buy kahit hindi naman need.” he said.

Reachie spends an average of 6 hours a day, at different times of the day, playing 3 different Play-to-Earn games such as Axie Infinity and Plants vs Undead.


“The reason you are playing is to use your free time to do something productive—in this case, I earn while I play during my free time.I can do this full time if I invest my time playing Axie Infinity as well as other games.” Reachie shared.


Reachie even tells a story wherein his parents would scold him, saying “Ano bang napapala mo sa kakalaro ng computer?” Now, he helps members of his family apply for gaming scholarships to be able to play and earn.


Going Beyond AGV

Prior to the pandemic, Reachie worked at a local restaurant as a manager for 2 years, and even did the same job abroad for another 2 years. When asked about what he will do with what he saves up from his earnings, he answers “I’m planning to invest [on cryptocurrency] tokens and then from that, I plan to have my own restaurant serving Filipino dishes. Sakin kasi, food is life.”


More importantly for Reachie, his ultimate goal is financial stability. “I’m fine with what I have right now but if there’s other opportunities, I won’t hesitate to grab it.” he said.


AGV is still growing, and Reachie is just one of the lives it has impacted. The future is bright as AGV expands to the possibilities in the realm of the Play-to-Earn space. To keep track on updates, you may join their Discord server at -insert invite link-.  


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