Astra Guild Ventures : Investing in the future of play to earn gaming

Astra Guild Ventures, or AGV, is one of the biggest play to earn gaming guild around, and they have begun expanding their presence in the crypto space, which, of course, you can still join in and be part of the growth that AGV plans to achieve!


AGV launched their AGV Token last December 23, 2021 in order to raise more funds for their expansion into other Play to Earn (P2E) games. Owning one of these tokens gives the holder the right to participate and vote in the direction of AGV’s growth, as it is a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization Token, where each token will be equivalent to one vote. Other than that, the AGV token is a utility token – being built around the future of what AGV is building. The future goal of AGV is to be an ecosystem for various P2E games.


Astra Guild Ventures AGV
Astra Guild Ventures: Investing in the future of play to earn gaming


AGV does boast that prior to launch, they were able to undergo an audit by Certik, one of the leaders in blockchain security. They are the first gaming guild to do an audit prior to launch, as they were able to tweaks suggested by Certik.


Astra Guild Ventures
Astra Guild Ventures : Investing in the future of play to earn gaming


AGV is proud that the tokens are made accessible on the Centralized Exchange BitMart and MEXC, and of course, on the Decentralized Exchange Uniswap.


Why Astra Guild Ventures?

Astra Guild Ventures is a gaming guild wherein players and investors work together to maximize their overall yield. This organization currently has around 2035 Axie Infinity scholars, and a growing community in their Facebook, Discord, and Telegram.


AGV was conceptualized only last July 2021, and raised capital for Axie Infinity team acquisitions for the purpose of offering scholarships. By September, they focused on their growth by hiring an in-house team, even marketing themselves towards success.


Focused on transparency, AGV innovated for their members and investors by creating a dashboard of earnings and assets, all which can easily be found on their website. One can see how each of the scholars perform, what is being earned, and what assets are being lent out to them.


This, of course, brings AGV’s differentiator out as opposed to other gaming guilds. AGV executes faster than what their roadmap is, and gives more than what they promised. They are ever evolving and growing, as they want to maximize the returns that their investors trusted them with by always being one step ahead.


And that brings one of their immediate goals nearer, where AGV aims to build an entire ecosystem of platforms centered around P2E gaming. This definitely makes AGV more than a gaming guild, once executed properly.


Early fast growth and current success

In three months, AGV and their team proved very successful in executing their plans, and are continuing to do so. On the foundation of AGV, they have gained a following, successfully raised funds in their seed rounds, fulfilled their contracts, connected to their investors, promoted the AGV token, achieved to be audited by Certik, and even acquired a stake in Blue Monster Games Inc.


Astra Guild Ventures
Astra Guild Ventures : Investing in the future of play to earn gaming


The latter one mentioned is also a key in their future developments, as AGV wants to create their very own P2E game. Having a stake in Blue Monster Games Inc. enables AGV to do just that.


The current success of AGV has their team to thank. More importantly they have the community which they created to thank, consisting of their volunteer scholars and managers.


Astra Guild Ventures
Astra Guild Ventures : Investing in the future of play to earn gaming


AGV takes care of these as a manager handles 100 scholars, where each are observed, monitored, trained. As support, the managers also address any needs for their teams, revising and updating them as required. These are done to also ensure that the scholars reach their quota. As AGV puts up the capital for the teams to be used in play, the scholars use their time to play, and proper profit sharing is done so.


The future of Astra Guild Ventures

Looking beyond the horizon, AGV has a very healthy war chest to be deployed for investing in their own growth. They plan to continue investing in companies that develop P2E games whilst increasing the portfolio of the P2E games on hand.


Other than that, AGV wants to be a launchpad for new P2E games, creating an ecosystem of P2E games for others to access. Furthermore, AGV plans to have its own P2E games, further increasing their planned portfolio of such.


Astra Guild Ventures has set its sights into becoming one of the biggest DAOs, and with that, they see themselves as a name that everyone would know, driving innovation in the Play to Earn space. Based on their current results? AGV could definitely deliver.


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