AIRFUNDING provides FREE Unlimited Medical e-consultation to Filipinos this 2022

Airfunding, a global crowdfunding platform is set to give thousands of unlimited medical e-consultations to Filipinos this New year.  As part of its commitment to help Filipinos especially this time of the pandemic, the said crowdfunding company is set to give free digital vouchers from one of the Philippines trusted e-consult providers, KonsultaMD that can be used at any time for the whole month starting its activation.  Recipients will have access to a huge range and list of doctors for the whole month with no cost to them.


The free medical e-consultation initiative is another first from any crowdfunding platform in the world that facilitates undergoing medical consultations via an online platform. The initiative’s purpose is to provide medical advice to those who either cannot afford it or do not have access to it. It also aims to reduce the pressure on hospitals and clinics in these times of pandemics. Through this program, the elderly and the most vulnerable groups who can’t go to hospitals and clinics will be able to receive high-quality, professional, and timely e-medical consultations through this platform.


AIRFUNDING provides FREE Unlimited Medical e-consultation to Filipinos this 2022


CEO and Founder of Kiheitai Inc, Ryosuke Abe said, “Airfunding has deeply cared for Filipinos since we started in 2018 over 7,000 projects were created, and to show our appreciation this new year, we are giving them a gift of health that they can use almost instantly. We do hope that our relationship with Filipinos will continue for years on” 


For more information on how you can avail of this free medical e-consultation please visit our event page at


Airfunding is a global crowdfunding platform owned and operated by Japan-based company-Kiheitai Inc. The company aims to eliminate boundaries and distance barriers across the globe by providing help through its 10 million subscribers worldwide. Airfunding has helped raise over $3,000,000 in donations worldwide. $600,000 was raised for the Philippines alone.

For more information, you may visit their website at


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