ZTE V969 sale P1,999 ended

Right after posting the ZTE V969 limited time promo, there were lots of people sceptical about it whether it’s true or not. Needless to say, being Editor-in-Chief, I make it a practice that we verify information should there be information doubtful such as this.

Upon posting the article on facebook, there were a lot of comments and private messages if the #ztepromo was true or not. Some were even asking favors that I buy for them. Kiddingly, I told them I will for a service fee.

Today, curiosity led me to the road and was going to SM North Edsa. While on the road, I saw on facebook a pic of the people who lined up waiting for the 2pm to 6pm promo.

Knowing my chances will be slim to get a chance to buy one, I diverted to Tutuban thinking less people will come and go there.

I was wrong. The moment i arrived ZTE booth, it was all over. People have lined up as early as 630am waiting for the mall opening at 10am. By then, hundreds of people were in queue. Initially, there was an allocation of 60 units. So 60 patient individuals had their number waiting since one person can only avail 1 unit. Then an additional 100 units came before noon and another 100 customers were served.

So when I arrived at 1pm, the 160 units were already allocated but still people were lining up hoping to get a chance to avail this promo.

I guess ZTE and its Philippine distributor MSI-ECS weren’t really expecting such a great turnout of this event. Even if they had 4 or 5 ttimes the number of stocks today, it will still move.

Filipinos nowadays are wise buyers. They want to buy something worth their budget and also worth the money.

The ZTE V969 is a powerful gadget looking at the specs. It will really be value for money.

I just wonder if there will be a part 2 for #ztepromo after this. And if they will, I hope they will be more ready with really enough stocks since 13th month pay will be released soon and this #ztepromo is one of the best gift suggestions to others and oneself.



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  1. This is a disgusting marketing strategy. There’s a clear difference of Limited Time Offer and Limited Stock Offer.

    I know this is a anti-disaster PR/scapegoat/praise, and just seeing this makes me puke.

    Obviously, ZTE doesn’t really know their Market nor does have any brain to actually thought out of all of the possibilities of such offer. It’s a mistake and I shouldn’t judge, but it’s a BIG mistake.

  2. ended before it even began… 90% of units were sold to the relatives and friends of employees. and to mall tenants who were already inside lining up before the mall doors were open to the public. not to mention, each outlet had a very limited quantity of available units. a LOLfest through and through.

  3. There where 400 plus hopeful individuals who attended the event in davao and only 20 or 30 units were sold.. the rest of those people traveled miles, and some even took leave of absences from their work just to get to the said event.. it was frustrating and we felt scammed and it sickens me when companies use these kinds of dirty tactics just so their brand would cause some stir..

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