Vinyl record sales meets new record high in 2014

motorino portable vinyl record player

It was then a contest of size which they call the 33-1/3s, 45s and 78s. The vinyl record, also known as LP or Long Play, was first introduced in 1948. Together with the birth of music technology, the 4-track, 8-track, was a challenge on how different sounds can be put into one record. As the size of the LPs were becoming larger, still the limitation of having more or less a dozen songs per side. So you have a handful of 20 or more songs on both sides.

The LPs were delicate as it can bend, warp or get scratched and can also get damaged with mishandling or long exposures to the sun. There was no rewind and fast-forward button that you can do with LPs. You have to manually lift the needle and put it into the right groove.

This led the extinction of the LPs when the laserlight multimedia age came. The introduction of compact disks, laser disks, and the portability and compression of the number of songs can be placed in this smaller media really killed the phonograph.

So the children of the 90s hardly know what a phonograph, an LP or a vinyl record is.

Well, thanks to the reproduction of portable phonograph record players that have been reintroduced to the younger generations where a USB port, a portable power source, and a much sturdy needle gives a rebirth to the vinyl record industry. Before, a record player is attached to a home system, since you need a pre-amplifier and also a sound output. Not to mention you need to have the phono stable so that the records will play smoothly or else the needle will jump that can cause damage both to the record and the needle.

Revealed records show that in USA alone, there was a recorded $9 Million dollar sales in 2014, and an estimate of 800,000 records sold in the UK alone.

This means that technology, no matter how old it is, are embraced by the people who love music regardless of the format.


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