Unboxing the Western Digital My Passport Wireless, first impression

Western Digital My Passport Wireless

Got this new exciting product from Western Digital, it’s the My Passport Wireless. Late last year, WD through a media tech event launched their latest product, My Passport Wireless.

I was fortunate enough to have an interview with other media as well, with two of their Regional Managers. Here’s the video clip.

The Western Digital My Passport Wireless design is compact, simple and looks sturdy. On the front, there is a charging and WiFi indicator. On the left side is a standard-sized SD card slot. On top, there is a menu button, a USB 3.0 slot (also a charging port) and a power button.

The device is designed in a way you can make it sit upright or lay horizontally depending on the way you want to maximize its use. The packaging also comes with a 1TB storage (option for 512GB and 2TB as well), a charger and a 3.0 USB cable.

Western Digital is a manufacturer of hard disks and storage devices. With this innovation, it includes a Wi-Fi enabled which makes it accessible wirelessly, and also be able to share content simultaneously with 5 users.

Please note that it can also be used as a Home entertainment or as a DLNA device (Digital Living Network Alliance), where kids and parents can share content like movies, music, pictures. Since it is portable and is designed to be handy, it has its own rechargeable battery that lets you enjoy this on trips, on field, for a maximum of 6 hours battery life.

So the question now is, will it be able to do what it says it can do?

Power up for 6 hours, store 1TB of data (there is a 512GB and 2TB option), and share seamlessly with 5 users at the same time.

Let me take this opportunity to show you what it is really capable of doing in the field. I will be posting in the next couple of days update on my testing of this new device as i bring it along with me wherever i go.


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