The power of the Samsung NX500 unleashed

samsung nx500


Samsung boasts of the Samsung NX500 having the same lifeblood with the Samsung NX1, a mirrorless compact digital camera with top of class specifications. The Samsung NX500 boasts of its cutting-edge features that take the highest resolution photos at fast speed, capturing pivotal moments with great precision.

What gives the highest resolution of the Samsung NX500?

First, it has a built-in 28.2 Megapixel BSI APS-C sensor that produces vivid and crisp images

Second, It has the first back-side illuminated APS-C sensor for a wider dynamic range and richer gradation.

Third, it comes with the DRIMe 5 imaging processor, a powerful engine that processes 2.8x faster than its predecessor, bringing images to life with the superior color production and enhanced JPEG image quality.

Fourth, it shoots upto 9 frames per second. DSLR beware!

Fifth, the all new hybrid Autofocus System with on-surface phase detection makes fast speed shooting and precise focusing possible.

The fastest High Speed Drive with AF lens allows you to capture decisive moments with 9FPS continuous shooting. An added bonus is the Samsung Auto shot with 2015 AF Phase Detect that that intuitively allows you to take the exact photo that you want. Its motion detection logic triggers capture automatically, creating the same effect as 60fps continuous shooting.

Sharing easy with WiFi connectivity

Social media users gives pressure to share your photos faster and easier. The Samsung NX500 is packed with wireless connection through the App which can be downloaded for free via Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Now, you are just seconds away from that photo going viral online.

Other features

The Samsung NX500’s  video recorder does not disappoint with its 4K UHD video recording capability and an interval capture mode that lets you take pictures while shooting a video.

Take selfies

You can also take shots from different angles with the Tilt & Flip-Up screen that doesn’t only provide brighter vision through the FVGA AMOLED but is also suitable for taking selfies.

Selfie camera
Selfie camera

Pricing and availability

Samsung has partner and concept stores in leading retail outlets in Malls in Metro Manila and nationwide. Pricing is at P40,000 and already available this month of July 2015.






Photo credits : Bam Amor of Adobotech and the web

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