STI Scope : Be Future ready in five easy steps

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the learning setup among the students. Students like you are situated to remote learning at their homes and even sometimes, to locations where internet access is limited. According to experts, remote learning poses challenging academic, mental, and emotional impacts that might hinder you in achieving your academic or career goals.


STI Scope
STI Scope : Be Future ready in five easy steps


Despite the situation, you still have the goals that you want to achieve. As a student, you have to be confident, flexible, and committed to reach these dreams. To help you with, here are five simple yet effective tips that you can apply to achieve your future goals.


STI Scope
STI Scope : Be Future ready in five easy steps

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  1. Set Specific, Measurable, and Realistic Goals

The vital part in achieving your academic and career goals is knowing them. Answering the question “what do I want to achieve?” will guide you in setting specific, measurable, and realistic goals. This provides you direction and increases your attention and focus. Having unclear, broad, or too many aspirations might hinder you to maximize your focus toward your specific goals. 


If you are an incoming senior high school student, it is important to know by this time the best or most appropriate track for you to help you set your goals. If you are an incoming college student, you can start as early as now to plan for your career goals.


STI Scope
STI Scope : Be Future ready in five easy steps


2. Manage Your Time Wisely

As you work on your specific, measurable, and realistic goals, it is also important that you know where your time goes. Creating a schedule and making it a routine teaches you to manage time properly and effectively. Jot down on a calendar or planner all the important dates in your schooling as well as your extra-curricular engagements, and social activities to ensure that there will be no conflicts. Having learned time management also helps you in your career in the future.


Nowadays, while you allot most of your time facing your gadgets to attend online classes or answering your printed modules, do not forget to allot an hour or so for stressbusting. Always ensure that despite a full schedule, engage yourself in activities that let you relax and clear your thoughts.


STI Scope
STI Scope : Be Future ready in five easy steps


3. Work on suitable study strategies for you

Despite the remote learning setup, not all students have the same access to learning materials and a conducive environment for learning, As a student, being resourceful and hardworking will help you devise a suitable learning strategy. Having an effective schedule is an essential pre-requisite of your learning strategy. If you find your strategy not working, you can explore a different way by asking someone how to do it better or how others have done it.


STI Scope
STI Scope : Be Future ready in five easy steps


4. Know yourself and get advice from career counselor

Experts say that knowing yourself will help you make better career choices. Having access to personality and career tests is an advantage you must not take for granted. One of these tests that will help you make informed decisions on the track or careers best suit you is the STI SCOPE or the STI Student’s Career Opportunity and Personality Evaluator. Through the wide array of get-to-know items in this evaluator, you will definitely get a glimpse of who you would become. It is based on the Holland Code Test, one of the most popular assessments in the field of career counseling, that determines personality types according to interests and preferences.


PLUS, it is for FREE and you’ll get a chance to win a 1-year scholarship grant and a brand-new laptop for your online learning when you take the STI SCOPE.  


Once you have the results, you can seek advice from professionals and career counselors in your school. These people provide notable information and assessment on the career opportunities you might not be familiar with and help you be inspired to pursue your future goals.


STI scope
STI Scope : Be Future ready in five easy steps


5. Have a positive attitude

To keep you on the right path, vision the result of your journey. Monitor and evaluate your progress. If you find mistakes, be accountable about it and take it as a lesson to do better. Remember to find motivation so that you can take on the challenges coming your way.


While you are optimistic on how you will succeed, look forward also to the experience and values you will learn along the way. As STI alumni Jojo Calpito, Mary Clare Inonog, and Anthony Ang said, keep learning and do not be afraid of rejections.


For an online learner like you, it is natural to have a desire to do well in your studies. You must not let hindrances and differences block your path to success. Use the tips mentioned above, stay sharp, and work your way to be future-ready.

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