Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. is now plastic neutral

Shakey's Pizza is the first plastic neutral company in the Philippines

Shakey’s Pizza, the leading Pizza parlor chain in the Philippines for the past 40 years, has declared to be 100% plastic neutral since January 2020.

Shakey’s inspires Guests: “Love the planet like you love our pizza”

In an event last June 2019, Shakey’s Pizza and WWF Philippines has inked partnership to find ways to reduce the use of plastic. It is really hard to eliminate the use of plastic especially for restaurant take-out goers. So, Shakey’s Pizza has aimed to be plastic neutral.

Before we answer that thing boggling in your mind, what is plastic neutral and how it aims to make the world better, here are some facts first about plastic.

In the recent years, plastic has come back to us in the harshest and unexpected ways. The trash thrown in the ocean like mineral water bottles, plastic holder for softdrink, plastic straws, plastic bags, spoon and fork, as they came back in tons of undissolved trash!

The creatures of the sea were actually affected as these have find their way into the stomache leaving dead animals on seashore.

So what can we do to help the World be a better place?

Eliminating the use of plastic will be the best way to stop this torture. The use of plastic straw, plastic cups and even the use of plastic bags have already been initiated by Local Government units all over the Philippines.

Since this can’t be totally prevented in businesses like the food industry, Shakey’s Philippines with WWF Philippines has found ways to help the environment to make the World become a better place. Plastic neutral on the other hand, minimizes the use of plastic, and when it is possible to retrieve, recycle and reuse by disposing and making them into other forms or materials will be the key like making cement with recycled plastic making them more biodegradable than pure plastic.

Shakey’s Philippines is the first company in the Philippines to hit this mark being a plastic neutral restaurant.

Shakey’s Chairman Christopher Po says,“Consumer companies face significant cost and performance challenges in finding more sustainable alternatives to plastic. While co-processing is not the perfect solution, it can mitigate the environmental impact of plastic usage. Co-processing is meant to “balance out our environmental effects,” said Chairman Po. He
added, “Our brands represent quality, value-for-money products. We hope that they will
eventually stand for responsible consumption as well.”

This is one brave move that will help not only our Country but also the environment. We hope that there will be more companies to follow this move to become a plastic neutral company. Small groups can also help in their little way to become plastic neutral if not plastic free.

Globe users can order shakey’s toll free by simply dialling #77777 from your any globe prepaid and postpaid number.


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