Pokemon Go Safety tips and how to catch them all

Who would not be addicted to this latest craze? Since it’s Philippine release, Pokemon Go is the most download app in Google Play Store and Apple Store. Pokemon Go is the next best thing for online gamers!

From city streets to parks and malls, everyone is definitely on-the-go just to catch their next Pokémon to level up! Taking Filipino gamers by storm, here are some safety tips to remember the next time you and your friends go out to catch, drop lures and conquer gyms!


Pokemon-Go-Safety Tips Infograph


First things first, you need 2 basic but most important things before playing Pokemon Go. You need to have a full-charged phone and a good internet data promo that will suit your playing adventure!

Globe Prepaid customers can extend the fun by downloading the new Globe Switch app! On Globe Switch, avail of the free 1GB mobile data and 30 days free access to Pokémon Go starting August 20, 2016. Globe Switch offers the best online deals as well as over 3 GB worth of free access to over 50 of the most popular apps in the market.

Make sure your phone location is turned on and select apps that will run on top of Pokemon Go so that you will get alerts once they are active. For example, running facebook and viber on the background so you will still get your messages.

The best way to really catch more Pokemons is to be on the Go. For safety reasons, you should not be driving! Pokemon Go will be able to detect if you are going to fast and will ask you if  are a passenger.

Always dropby a Pokemon stop so you can get pokeballs and special potions as well. While on the go, incubate eggs, use them all at the same time, and it will give you a surprise once you have reached the target length of travel required to fully incubate them.


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