Petron and Honda Cars forge partnership for road safety and fuel efficiency

 With a common goal to promote road safety and fuel efficiency, industry leaders Petron Corporation and Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) have entered into a partnership to further enhance their promotional efforts and customer relations programs.

Honda has committed to support Petron Lakbay Alalay, the longest-running motorist assistance program in the country. During long holiday weekends when many motorists hit the expressways and head out to nearby vacation destinations, Honda car mechanics will be stationed at strategically-located Petron Lakbay Alalay stations to provide roadside assistance to Honda car owners. In a similar initiative, the Honda Emergency Assistance Teams (HEAT) are also deployed by 24 Honda dealerships nationwide as part of their public service and road safety advocacy.

In the recently-concluded DOE Euro 4 Fuel Economy Run 2016, powered by Petron XCS, the eight Honda vehicles achieved outstanding fuel economy ratings averaging 25.1 km/L, and the Honda Jazz 1.5 VX CVT delivering the best Honda performance recording 28.6 km/L.

In anticipation of the government mandate requiring all fuels and vehicles to be Euro 4 compliant by January 2016, Petron introduced its Euro 4 gasolines last June 2015, followed by Euro 4 diesels in October 2015. Similarly, Honda was among the first car manufacturers to obtain Euro 4 certification for its local vehicle line-up, starting with the Honda City last August 2015. All Honda vehicles sold in the Philippines were certified as Euro 4 compliant by September 2015.

Petron was the first local oil company to produce a full range of gasoline and diesel variants that meet Euro 4 standards. Petron Euro 4 fuels deliver TriActiv advantages—better engine protection, better mileage, and better power—to optimize the performance of Honda’s technologically-advanced and fuel-efficient engines developed under its Earth Dreams Technology. A number of marathon fuel economy runs performed by both companies confirm that Petron Euro 4 fuels are the best match for various Honda car models.

Petron and Honda have also agreed to partner in more fuel economy runs as part of their shared advocacy in promoting fuel efficient driving habits among motorists.

Recently, “Honda’s Gas Up to Summer” dealer promotion, ran from April 6-30, 2016, at all Honda car dealers nationwide. After each inquiry, test drive, reservation, or sale, customers were given a corresponding number of raffle coupons for a chance to win pre-loaded Petron Value Cards. The raffle draw was held last May 13, to pick out 100 winners of Petron Value Cards pre-loaded with P50,000, P20,000, P10,000, P5,000 or P2,000 worth of points.


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