Make safety a priority while you commute with the Aller Plasma Orion

Are you ready to meet colleagues at work? Eager to face your friends at school? Excited to go on that much-needed vacation? Today, people are more confident to move around thanks to the high vaccination rate in Metro Manila and the new mindset that we are, indeed, “Future Ready”. We are used to ensuring that surfaces and the air are clean, for our peace of mind. 


We are navigating towards a future where, even if there is a virus present, we know that we can do our best to get through our days safely. That’s why it is comforting to know that a lot of public transport vehicles today are future ready too, with the Aller Orion Air Sterilizer Series.


Aller Plasma Orion
Make safety a priority while you commute with the Aller Plasma Orion


The Aller Orion air sterilizers were designed with different indoor space sizes in mind and can be used for spaces between 30sqm to 150sqm, including cars, buses, and other vehicles. This means that you won’t have to worry about the air you breathe in confined spaces when you commute to and from your destination. 


A safety travel ally you can rely on

Viruses and bacteria can survive for some time in the air and on surfaces; they can easily spread from person to person, especially in closed and confined spaces. The Aller Orion series not only disinfects the air but also sterilizes surfaces such as bus handles, chairs, and rails.


Aller Orion Series
Make safety a priority while you commute with the Aller Plasma Orion


“Clean indoor air is important, especially in small spaces and vehicles, like cars and buses. We developed the Aller Orion sterilizer series for enclosed spaces with high traffic because we know that good air quality is vital wherever we go,” explained Jona A. Chiang of Aller Innovations Inc. “Our sterilizers use state of the art cold plasma technology that can eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful viruses, as well as bacteria, both in the air and on surfaces.”


Currently, several P2P airport buses and Victory Liner buses have installed Aller Orion Shield 100 in their units for added protection of their drivers and passengers. “It is not easy to be a driver or passenger nowadays, with all the news about different variants and surges happening. We know that people who travel regularly cannot help but feel anxious sometimes,” said Melvin Mendoza, General Manager of RRCG Transport-P2P Buses. “That is why we have made it a point to invest in Aller Orion units for our buses. Our drivers and passengers can travel knowing that their air is clean and they are protected from getting viruses.”


Clean Air + Peace of Mind = Priceless

For many public transport operators, traveling safely and securely is possible today. Apart from the safety protocols, investing in an air and surface disinfecting device can ease the stress and worries of passengers.


Aller Orion Series
Make safety a priority while you commute with the Aller Plasma Orion


Marivic H. Del Pilar, President and General Manager of Victory Liner said, “We have resumed operations for more trips at this time, and continue to provide our transportation services to many passengers. We know that traveling in safety is top priority for our passengers, which is why we have installed Aller Orion sterilizers in our buses. We want to assure our passengers that the air and surfaces in our buses are constantly cleaned and sterilized, so that they can travel with peace of mind.”


Angel Mendonez is a Victory Liner bus driver who appreciates the safety and peace of mind that the Aller Orion gives. “Bumibiyahe ako ng madalas araw-araw, kaya kailangan kong siguraduhin na protektado ako, para sa aking mga pasahero at aking pamilya,” he explained. “Kaya nagpapasalamat ako na naglagay ng Aller Orion sterilizers sa mga bus namin, upang mapanatiling malinis ang hangin at ang lahat ng nasa sa loob ng bus.”


The Aller Plasma Orion Series gives us clean air, clean surfaces, and peace of mind. Feel safe and ready to travel with the Aller Plasma Orion.


For more information on Plasma Technology and the Aller Plasma Orion series, you may visit or connect via Facebook: Aller Plasma Sterilizer and Instagram: @allerplasma.  


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