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President and CEO of Globe Telecom Mr. Ernest Cu has opened doors by taking the lead in paving the future marrying both Information Technology, Education and the Academe by introducing their new offering to Private Schools – the first of a kind Globe Education Solutions.

Right after the formal opening, Bro. Dennis Magbanua, OIC President and Chancellor of De La Salle University shared his experience of what was the journey how they brought the E-Learning online Education Solutions well accepted University wide by the Curriculum, Academe and Technology units that this is the direction they are going to take.

For those who have not seen the video, here’s the clip :

The ABC’s of Mobile E-learning program

A – Administrators, adopted to the mobile technology to aide them in their school teachings
B – Broadband, fast internet connections with One La Salle Philosophy with low price for campuses
C – Curriculum, one to one learning doesn’t need to be changed
D – Device, Prudent Foolishness. Unifying them to a single device as much as possible
E – Energy. Considerable drop off Electric consumption using mobile devices. BYOD
F – Finance. Big investment but in the long run, it will be fruitful
G – Grace. Grace plays an important role especially on this Prudent Foolishness

G is also for Globe, kidding and people reacted with Bro. Magbanua’s line.

Since Globe’s main business is connectivity, Globe needed to find the best partners who will provide the level of service and satisfaction that each school will partake.

Brightspace is the partner for the platform that seamlessly connectds digital content, learning analytics, mobile and collaboration tools, and adaptive learning with an ecosystem of applications, resources, and services.

What are the key features of Brightspace?

*Beyond Course Management
*Communication and Collaboration
*Measurement and Assessment
*Mobile Web Applications

SMS or School Management System is Educube by Globals,which allows to to do administrative activities and helps monitor student performance.

Key Features of Educube
**Student and Staff information management system that records attendance and grades. This allows the admin, even the parents to monitor the time-in and out of their children.
**Calendar and class time table Generator
**Staff report
**Student report card generator
**Admissions,tuition, payroll, and fees management system
**Accessible on multiple mobile devices at home or at the office

Flipside brings the E-Book Solutions as it offers an e-book solution that provides conversion, publishing, distribution, and your very own e-bookstore or e-bookshelf.

Key Features of E-Book Solutions

***Access to local and international publishers
***Digital library that contains all materials in one archive system integrated into your own website
***School branded e-Bookstore
***Conversion of your institution’s own publication to digital
***EPUB format or screen-optimized PDF e-book format can be read on any device running android, microsoft windows, or Mac OS.

The forging of partnerships of D2L and Flipside was relevant to the success of launching Globe Education Solutions.

This gives flexibility for the Colleges and Universities who would like to take a detour from hardprinted books and turning their Campuses an online school.

It allows you to Choose the solution you need, support with recommended internet connectivity and enjoy these tools from Globe to help you get started.

Here’s another milestone in Education pioneered by leaders in innovation, Globe Telecom and De La Salle University.

Making a big step and taking the lead!


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