Kinetix Lab lets you define your own version of stronger

The premier strength and conditioning facility invites all Filipinos

As we inch our way to building better habits in 2022, we need all the strength to power us through these unprecedented times. More and more, we realize the immeasurable value of health, giving us the motivation we need to keep our minds and bodies strong every day of our lives.


Strong body, strong mind, strong heart

“Strength, in the physical, mental, and emotional sense, is key to living a fulfilling life,” says Kinetix Lab’s Coach Marlon Lugue. 


Kinetix Lab
Kinetix Lab lets you define your own version of stronger

And strength—in all its forms—is what you’ll find at Kinetix Lab UP Town Center. 


“In the physical sense, being strong allows you to address almost all other physical attributes associated with health, fitness, and performance. In the mental sense, strength allows creative and assertive resolutions to otherwise daunting and crushing challenges or conflicts. Finally, in the emotional sense, being strong simply gives you a higher threshold for the rigors of modern living,” Coach Marlon continues.


Meet your new tribe

Find your strongest self wherever you are in your fitness journey. Whether it’s your Day 1 or Day 1,000, “What we want is for people to feel at home—somewhere they can be vulnerable, so we can work on what they want while keeping in mind what they need,” Coach Marlon shares. 


Kinetix Lab
Kinetix Lab lets you define your own version of stronger


From the community that built Kinetix Lab in The Podium, the new location in UP Town Center is a fresh opportunity for them to bring their exceptional facilities and services to more clients. Here, they aim to build the same rapport they have successfully established with their regulars in their previous location. When you become a part of the tribe, trust that everyone will support your truest self and your biggest goals with the positive energy you can only find in the gym’s tight-knit community.


Second only to the incredible people that make up Kinetix Lab is their state-of-the-art equipment and their premium fit-out, which we’ve come to expect from the fitness center since its inception. 


Now, more clients living in the North can experience the industry-leading training equipment and coaching services Kinetix Lab offers at a more convenient and accessible location.


Kinetix Lab
Kinetix Lab lets you define your own version of stronger


“We’ve been here for quite some time, and we know what we’re doing, as evidenced in the hundreds of lives we’ve made better. We don’t like to brag about our facilities, equipment, and amenities since you can easily buy those. If you have enough capital, putting up a nice place with all the bells and whistles would be a breeze. What we have are conviction and passion— Conviction to deliver what is promised and passion to do things in the most creative and heartfelt manner,” Coach Marlon says.


Kinetix Lab is for everyone

Although Kinetix Lab has a solid reputation as a powerlifting-centric gym, you need not lift weights to find your own power here. Every day, you will find that 90% of the fitness center’s clientele show up to get in better shape.


Through the years, Kinetix Lab has welcomed more and more health enthusiasts working out and getting stronger alongside serious fitness buffs.


“We understand, more than ever, the different dimensions of getting physically stronger and healthier. Kinetix Lab espouses finding your own version of stronger,” says Coach Marlon. “Kinetix Lab is our home, and our community is the family that resides in it. Most of the people in the gym know and are acquainted with each other. It’s not uncommon to see several members flocking around on the gym floor, cheering on a fellow member for a big lift. This is a common sight in our facility. We all support each other. The big difference with our community is that, despite socializing within and without the confines of Kinetix Lab, we still mean business.”


For those who have yet to experience Kinetix Lab, their YouTube channel gives you a sneak peek of what you can expect from their training facility, training template, and exercise programs—all for free! Visit and subscribe to get alerts on all new content at


Stronger days ahead

This dedication to health and fitness has driven the whole Kinetix Lab community to achieve their best as they continue to foster a goal-oriented culture and find inspiration in each other. Once you walk through the gym’s doors, you can expect that becoming stronger is the priority, and everything else comes second. 


Allow Kinetix Lab to help you find the strongest version of yourself with more accessible facilities, a more comprehensive line of services attuned to your needs, and an unwavering passion for health and fitness from the whole community. 


With Kinetix Lab, you only have stronger days ahead!


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