Kim Chiu’s journey with Cherry Mobile for 11 Cherryfic years

Kim has evolved to a bolder and fiercer woman of her generation

CHERRY, the proudly Pinoy leading tech brand, had its genesis, Cherry Mobile, more than a decade ago. Bearing witness to the organization’s humble beginnings and contemporary success is none other than the Chinita Princess, Kim Chiu. 


Launched as Cherry Mobile ambassador in July 2010, Kim is now one of the prominent faces of the brand. And, as Hallyu continues to dominate the entertainment world by storm, Kim is most definitely our bet when it comes to our own version of Korean idol—from casually pulling off flamboyant fits to steamy dance performances ala Jennie of Blackpink, let’s take a glimpse at her milestones with CHERRY—which are undeniably as vibrant as her current life peg.


Cherry Mobile
Kim Chiu’s journey with Cherry for 11 Cherryfic years



Years before this era’s fan girls went gaga over their feisty yet endearing K-idols, Kim has already been influencing her local cult with preppy and colorful ensembles, along with the launch of the Cherry Mobile X90 Blush. Who would’ve thought that yellow pumps would go well with brown socks and a pink mini skirt? Thankfully, Kim owned the style and made it nothing less chic.


If there’s a phone that would best epitomize the traits of this charming fashionista, it sure is the Cherry Mobile X90 Blush. The two were a complimenting pair hence, it is no question why after its takeoff, the X90 Blush straightaway garnered a number of fans across the nation.


In an interview, Kim fondly recalls her first product shoot for CHERRY. “The shoot has got to be one of my favorite memories—if we’re talking about the beginning of my journey with Cherry Mobile. I remember how giddy I was upon seeing my unique wardrobe for the shoot and finally getting a hold of the X90 which was dubbed as ‘my Kikay phone’. It was so cute.” 


With Kim’s indisputable chemistry with the brand, she has gone from endorsing the tiny swivel phone to the most up-to-date, massive display smartphones.


Kim Chiu with Cherry Mobile
Kim Chiu’s journey with Cherry for 11 Cherryfic years



Versatile is probably Kim’s middle name—not only as an actress but also when it comes to fashion. At par with her tasteful style is the Cherry Mobile Aqua Infinity, which totally helps her exude more in sophistication. Introduced originally as sweet and charming, Kim can now likewise be seen rocking street and edgy fashion.  


A self-confessed fan girl however, you will notice that her Instagram account is flooded with her Blackpink-inspired outfits, a Déjà vu perhaps of the bubbly teenage girl introduced by the brand 11 years ago. 


 “I am rather adventurous when it comes to clothing—one day you’d see me wearing jeans and a simple white tee, then a sparkly top and studded boots the next. I think that’s what CHERRY and I have in common, we’re not afraid to explore and go beyond our limits,” shares Kim. 


Kim Chiu with Cherry Mobile
Kim Chiu’s journey with Cherry for 11 Cherryfic years



Kim is undeniably one of the biggest stars of her generation and a master of her craft as she had immediately taken on sweet and mature roles, one after another, just a stone throw away since her launch. From swoon-worthy chick flicks to tear-jerking shows, not to mention her jaw-dropping dance performances to her record-breaking songs, Kim has truly metamorphosed and flew right in front our eyes.

Like Kim, the past 11 years had also been prolific for CHERRY as the local tech brand remains steadfast and continues to thrive. From introducing itself to the Filipino market with only four mobile phones to showcase, CHERRY has now progressed with five brands under its belt: Cherry Mobile, Cherry Home, Cherry Prepaid, Cherryroam, and Cherry Pet. 

 “My and CHERRY’s evolution is multifaceted, and it is humbling that we have witnessed all this together. I am extremely proud of my CHERRY family for becoming an established brand and now being able to offer an array of products. It feels fulfilling, thinking that we’ve both already gone a long way,” says Kim.   

True enough, both Kim and CHERRY have withstood storms and gotten past hurdles together. And as Kim celebrates her 11th year of being part of the CHERRY family, looking back at her journey has been one sentimental stroll down memory lane. 

How about you? Do you remember the Cherry Mobile X90 Blush? 


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