How to Hire Top Comedians for an Event

No matter how big your event is, it can only be made better by adding an awesome comedian.  Not only does having a performer at the top of their game make it memorable for everyone who visits the party, but they’ll always think of you as the person who made this awesome moment happen!


When booking a top comedian for your event, these are the top things to know and why it’s easier than many assume!

Consider Your Budget

Your budget will be vital to whether or not you can score the top comedians that you want.  Although you can incredibly capture professionals like Damon Wayans Jr. for under five thousand dollars, some comedians go for hundreds of thousands for a performance.  Think about how much you can realistically afford, and seek out comedians that fit within that budget.  There’s no reason to go into debt for an event.

How Long Are They Performing For?

How long a performer is expected to be on stage will affect the price of the service they’re offering.  Most comedians do a ten to twenty-minute set, and that’s it.  If you want something longer, you’ll have to pay more and negotiate with them on what they want.  If you’re unsure how long they’ll need to do stand-up, consider setting up a schedule for the event before you reach out to them.

Do They Have to Travel To You?

How far away do you live from the comedian?  Would it be easy for them to get to you, or are you a drive or flight away?  Although there’s no guarantee that all offer this, some are willing to fly and spend the night in a location as long as you pay for their travel and accommodations. However, this can become incredibly expensive, so it’s another good time to reconsider your budget.

How to Find Them

Finding a top comedian, or even a celebrity comedian, may seem daunting.  You want to contact them, but you’re worried about your message getting lost in the thousands of others they’ve received on social media. So instead, try to reach them through a gig site that they’ve updated their profile on.  This will help you rest knowing you’re contacting the real comedian and will help you window shop or peer through your options.

Things to Keep in Mind

When planning for a top comedian, especially if they’re a celebrity comedian, it’s important to communicate clearly and often.  Ask what they need of you, and deliver it.  If you’re ever unsure of something or need something from them, communicate that as early as possible.  Although they won’t be able to accommodate everything, these comedians should be able to work with you to make your event incredible.  

Comedy Can Change an Entire Event

The right comedy act can boost a boring event to a top-tier party of the year.  Plan ahead, budget well, and find someone who makes you laugh: and you’ll have an awesome celebrity to help this become the event of your dreams.


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