Globe Slipstream roared fast and loud at the BGC

Formula 1 Marlon Stockinger

Marlon Stockinger, Philippines first junior Formula 1 driver, graced the streets of Bonifacio Global City that was turned into a race track for the first time. Lotus F1 was the vehicle used and you’ll see the area of Mind Museum locked down with steel fences and bodyguards for every few meters to guarantee that the racetrack are free from people crossing the streets during the time of the exhibition.

One thing more, you can hear the screeching of the tires, the roaring of the engine with a tail of a supersonic like boom as Marlon goes around the tracks.

But before that, a parade of cars, sports, vintage, gokarts and Ducati’s were in a parade that i have not seen before any carshow that i have attended. This was a combination of the classic and the elite into one event.

During our interview with Marlon Stockinger, Ron of Wahpinas asked Marlon Stockinger of his top speed, “220 kilometers per hour. Not bad considering this is a city street that i am driving at”, “But on the real race track, i reach 315 to 330 km/h”, says Marlon. Jokingly he said, “at least i don’t get a speeding ticket just for speeding”.

Marlon ran 3 times the lane and doing “DONUTS” which unfortunately wasn’t able to capture.

We are very much surprised of what Globe Telecom has done for this Globe Slipstream of be fast and hear fast, as the leading innovator of Mobile Technology here in the Philippines.

Will there be a Slipstream 2.0? “We will never know as for now”, says Peter Pithos, Globe Telecom’s spokesperson.

No injuries, accidents, and it was fun! Thanks to Globe Telecoms giving also a Concert at the Ampitheater after the race exhibiton.

Will we ever see Marlon Stockinger? As long as he continues doing the best in carrying the Philippine flag, with Globe an Lotus F1 partnership, i believe we haven’t seen the last of him.




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