Coworking space opens in Baguio City

The concept of sharing an office space is the best solution for entrepreneurs, for freelancers, bloggers, photographers, and for professionals who need a working space.

In 2005, Hat Factory was opened in San Francisco for three tech workers and it was opened for other professionals later. Brad Neuberg coined the term coworking which was originally called 9 to 5 group.

Back in in the Philippines, we learned of a few coworking space already. There is one operated by our friend Ron Oriel Villagonzalo, the site is located in Mandaluyong City. There is also another one in EDSA called Honeycomb Manila CoWorking.

And today, a first coworking space has opened in Baguio City. 5Space is your friendly coworking space located SN Oriental Building at the Leonardwood Road, in Baguio City.


5Space aims to help entrepreneurs find a home for their business. Not only for those who are in Baguio, but for transient professionals who are in the city for a limited stay only.

Vincent Tabor, the operations officer of 5Space shares “It is more than just a place to work, it is also a place to collaborate, meet like minded people, learn and have fun”

For starting entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals, there is no rush to setup your own office in Baguio City. 5Space can get you covered for as low as P5,000 (+/- USD115). Or if you in the city of a day or less, you can just pay P75 per  our or P250 daily.

5Space can host up to 10 individuals, but it can accommodate up to 30 participants if you want to host an event there.

In a snapshot, here’s what you get if you cowork at 5Space:

  • High Speed Internet Access
    Access to the Pantry (unlimited coffee/tea)
    50% Discount on Paid Events
    Google Apps For Business Account.
    Use 5space as business mailing address
    Mentorship from Mentor-Entrepreneurs

5Space contact details

Facebook: 5Space
Contact Person: Vincent Tabor, +63 998 989 8102


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