Globe ICT Summit 2014

Globe Telecom

This year’s ICT Summit 2014 sponsored by Globe Telecom is themed “Innovation Nation:Beyond Business as usual”, the conference gathers hundreds of ICT Executives and practicioners from various Ayala Group of Companies and allows them to discover innovations in ICT that will help refine and enhance their business processes and operations. Taking off from the exclusive Ayala Group CIO Forum, the Globe ICT Summit 2014 is in line with Ayala Group’s vision of bringing the Philippines at the forefront of ICT-enabled progress.

“Today’s main currency is data and through the Globe ICT Summit, we hope the Ayala Group could be an inspiration for cross-company cooperation in the use of innovative ICT tools that would further drive business growth. Connecting with others to create value means companies should be able to capitalize on its strength and leveraging on capabilities of others”, Globe CIO Henry Aguda said.

Globe, for instance, initiated an API program that exposes some capabilities to external third parties, enabling these companies to build apps that are useful to their respective customers, he explained. “Things such as sending notification messages to customers, advertising with location information are already available as Lego-like building blocks which businesses can combine to create useful digital Services”.

“More than ever, the customer is at the center of the business and customer engagement is one area that companies can collaborate on and IT is at the center of the action. After all, information is key and IT practicioners provide knowledge for business to harness such information. Through the Globe ICT Summit, we hope to become an inspiration for other companies to adopt innovative ICT solutions that will allow our customers to experience our products and services more effectively”.

This year’s crop of breakout sessions feature key trends in ICT such as Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Security, Cloud Computing, the API Economy, and Mobile-First components that are instrumental in keeping your business competitive and progressive.

Speakers include executives from Huawei Technologies, Fireeye, Emerson Network Power, Ion Management Solutions, Palo Alto Networks, HP Philippines, EMC Computer Systems, SAS Institute Philippines, Oracle, Netpoleon, CSG Invotas, Dell Global BV Philippines, Asia Emerson Network Power, Microsoft Philippines, Amazon Web Services, Informatica, Cisco Systems, Global Alliance Comptel Communication, F5 Networks, Fujitsu Philippines, Google Asia Pacific, SAP Philippines, VMWare Philippines, NCSI, Capgemini, Consulting, Telecom & Media Practice and VMWare Philippines.


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