Globe Business CyberHeist 2023 is a powerhouse of Ironclad CyberSecurity Solutions as product offerings to clients

Globe Business CyberHeist 2023 is a powerhouse of Ironclad CyberSecurity Solutions as product offerings to clients were discussed during the first day for the media to preview and experience at the Globe Tower, Tuesday afternoon, August 1st, 2023.


As Globe Business opened its groundbreaking event CyberHeist 2023,” this three-day activity will highlight the vital role of cybersecurity in the digital age and how cybersecurity solutions can help organizations protect their data. Transforming from a Telco, Globe Telecom, a leading Telecommunications Company here in the Philippines, to a Tech Company, being able to provide much more that internet connectivity, Globe Business will be able to provide to its clients how easy to migrate their network into the cloud, having that added security, network monitoring, threat response and even incident management with a 24/7 Security Operations (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC).


Globe Business CyberHeist 2023
KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business, gives an overview of the event at a press conference at The Globe Tower, August 1, 2023.


The continuous evolution of cyberthreats and never ending “need for compliance” will always be a major concern of CFOs by any Corporation, big or small.  The learning curve, the required skillset and the manpower count will also burden Organizations with a CAPEX model.


Globe Business CyberHeist 2023 can clearly help organizations migrate from a CAPEX model to an OPEX, from a hybrid to a full Cloud with the capacity to put you up in Amazon, Google, or even multi-cloud. With best-of-class partners namely Check point, Palo Alto Networks, ZScaler, Samsung, Dell Technologies, CyberArk, Tenable, Yondu, NS Focus, WithSecure to mention a few.


Globe Business CyberHeist 2023
Marlon Cruz, Globe Senior Director for the Services and Healthcare Sector; KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business; and Cocoy Claravall, Globe Business Head of Partner Ecosystem at the Globe Business CyberHeist event.


The carefully selected partners can surely address any of the known and unknown CyberThreats that may happen to a client’s network. Held at The Globe Tower, CyberHeist 2023 features two main experiential components: The Cybersecurity Escape Rooms and Whiskey Business: Code on the Rocks.


“Globe Business is here to help customers build a roadmap so they can shift from a reactive to a proactive cybersecurity posture.  We want to help them strengthen their defenses by preemptively identifying security threats and vulnerabilities and implementing appropriate policies and processes to mitigate threats before they occur,” KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business. 


CyberHeist gives cybersecurity managers and IT Risk practitioners from diverse enterprises a firsthand experience of real-life cyber breach simulations in a safe and controlled environment. Whiskey Business: Code on the Rocks, meanwhile, caters to C-level executives and decision-makers, facilitating thoughtful discussions with cybersecurity thought leaders over some fine whiskey. Participants also get to immerse in Bandersnatch-inspired interactive videos, making real-time decisions on how to handle cybersecurity attacks.


At the event, Globe officials led by Dizon, with Cocoy Claravall, Head of Partner Ecosystem, and Marlon Cruz, Senior Director – Services and Healthcare Sector, spoke about the ever-increasing threat of cybercrime to all businesses, irrespective of size or sector, and the crucial role that Globe Business plays in helping organizations proactively protect their digital assets.


The State of Incident Response report done by Kroll, a financial and risk advisory firm, indicates that the Philippines is among countries in the Asia-Pacific region most affected by cyber incidents such as malware, phishing, and password attacks. These often result in data loss, business interruption, and intellectual property theft.


CyberHeist 2023 is a direct response to these growing threats and highlights Globe Business’ commitment to being a trusted partner in securing enterprises from potential breaches and attacks.

Globe Business continues to innovate and expand its portfolio, utilizing its expertise to ensure that organizations can safely navigate the digital landscape. For more information on Globe Business and its cybersecurity solutions, visit



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