GCash saves time when shopping in Puregold

Puregold shopping is amazing with GCash cashless cardless shopping

Grocery shopping, if you do it right, it can be a stress buster than a burden. While there are a number of grocery stores already jumping on the online bandwagon for a more convenient and traffic-free shopping experience, I still prefer the old school brick-and-mortar stores, navigating through towering shelves and bustling aisles, and getting a feel of the products before I hit the counters.

There’s something therapeutic just going through the aisles, checking items off my list and watching people. But one of the most important things I learned though if one must have a good shopping experience is to do it during non-peak hours—never on a payday weekend, and that you have enough money in your wallet or your ATM card especially when you find out in the middle of a long line to the counter that you went off budget and will be running short by hundreds of pesos.GCash saves time when shopping in Puregold.

Cashless shopping even without the card
Now you can leave him without your wallet with GCash


Or better yet, make sure that you are shopping at a supermarket that allows cashless payments via GCash Scan to Pay so you can pay in full without the hassle. Lady Luck was on my side when I found myself in such a situation a few months ago. I was a feeling a bit spontaneous and decided to tweak my grocery shopping routine that week by going to a different supermarket. I’ve never shopped at Puregold before so I headed for the nearest branch in our neighborhood for the first time.


Fast and efficient GCash QR code and enhanced barcode technology
Globe GoWiFi powers Puregold stores


I was already at the counter when I realized that I left my wallet at home and the one in my bag the whole time was my coin purse! I was about to panic until I saw the sign on the counter that Puregold accepts cashless payments with GCash via Barcode—a new mobile payment solution which eliminated the need for a QR key card that will receive the GCash reference number as proof of transaction, and the need for customers to input the amount due in the GCash app. I was relieved! I brandished my mobile phone and went on confidently with my transaction at the cashier. Puregold shopping is amazing with GCash cashless cardless shopping


GCash app is totally amazing
Download the app for FREE and get fully verified to enjoy GCash benefits


I have been using GCash for transferring and sending money, paying utility bills for quite some time so what could have been an unpleasant experience became an eye-opener to the wonderful world of cashless grocery shopping. Paying using GCash via Barcode streamlined the payment process, resulting in simple transactions and faster lines (no more counting out cash, fiddling with coins and waiting for change). I also learned that day that Puregold is accepting cash-in, cash-out and payment of bills with GCash via Barcode at their checkout counters. I made a mental note to try these services on my next visit. Puregold had me at barcode. I’ll surely keep coming back for a more stress-free grocery shopping!


In less than 10 minutes you can be fully verified
GCash Know Your Customer (KYC) verification levels and its benefits

GCash gives you all the power in your hands, or shall i say in the app of your phone. You can go Cashless and cardless with GCash. To know more about GCash Customer Protect, how you can GSAVE money with CIMB or help plant a tree with GForest, visit our homepage and find out more.


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