GCash launches Customer Protect program

Know how to deal with fraudulent transactions with GCash

The leading mobile wallet provider in the Philippines powered by th startup Mynt, to establish trust by more Filipinos provides peace of mind using the app as GCash launches Customer Protect program for users. Under the GCash program, GCash users are assured of compensation for any unauthorized transactions on their GCash app, GCash on Messenger, or GCash Mastercard, any incident arising from instances such as stolen mobile phones, or identity theft. GCash launches Customer Protect Program.

Know how to report fraudulent transactions and how to be compensated
With GCash KYC, you get added peace of mind for rebates upto P100,000 against any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions on your account


Should any user discover such incident for any irregular transactions, like unauthorized withdrawals or point of sale purchases, on GCash’s official customer care channels within 15 days from the date of the said transaction. GCash will conduct a formal investigation and rest assured a response within 4 – 10 working days can be reversed for amounts upto P100,000.

GCash Customer Protect program is a campaign for increased Cyber Security awareness and education, especially regarding full verification in KYC (Know Your Customer) of one’s account. It is extremely important for users to fully comply with the verification process of GCash Know Your Customer (KYC) mandated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. It is also a recourse that our valued customers can take should they unfortunately fall into traps by any physical or virtual theft.


Having to comply for full verification is so easy, GCash only requires a user to establish legitimate identity by submitting valid government issued IDs, a selfie, a series of mobile phone and contact information verification.


Fully verified GCash users can receive compensation of the actual amount of the unauthorized transactions upto P100,000. Semi- verified users can receive compensation upto P10,000 while basic users can receive upto P2,000 only.

So how easy is it to go through the process of being fully verified? Please see below how you can get fully verified in just 5 minutes. Just make sure you have your government issued IDs ready.

GCash Know Your Customer and why is it important for the user
GCash Know Your Customer (KYC) verification levels and its benefits and why is it important for users to fulfill this process.


GCash Customer Protect Program is an added benefit extended to GCash users for their enhanced peace of mind and maximum enjoyment of the advantages that a fully digital lifestyle brings, being cashless and having more access virtually, anytime anywhere.

GCash’s intelligent risk management approach remains to be the first line of defense in protect all GCash users. Using advanced risk capabilities, GCash analyzes and monitors transactions round the clock to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.







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