GCash ZERO charges on payment transfer

Experience the best of GCash with its GCash zero charges on payment transfer everytime you use it. With partner bank merchants, you can transfer from GCash to Bank, or Bank to GCash without any fees or charges through its partnership which makes it fast, friendly and convenient, reliable and accurate.

Fast means get the transferred amount within seconds, not minutes or hours. This is a real-time transaction. Friendly and convenient since you don’t need to rush into the 4pm banking hours and fall in line, it’s all in the palm of your hands! Reliable and accurate since you can put your account on the app if you will use it frequently, thus, eliminating the human error in entering the right account numbers. Reliable and accurate, gives you worry-free transactions and you get a notification once transaction has been fully consummated.

Most commercial banks nowadays have mobile phone apps that allows you to access your ATMs and even creditcards. This gives you the flexibility of doing your banking transactions anytime, anywhere! Since banks nowadays are not that easy to open up a bank account as it requires the applicant to submit 2 government issued IDs, which was our experience when my 18-year old daughter wanted to open up her own account.

Parents can now monitor spending with the app as you have a dashboard of the cash transfers and even other transactions such as withdrawals that indicate the location of the ATM, date and time it was done. This is really another thing that you can’t do with ordinary ATMs.

It is safer to have some cash in your pocket, and some money not just in your ATM but also with your GCash as it allows you to pay using QR code in partner malls and establishments, but it also allows you to use it just like a creditcard with a mastercard facility. It also sends out a notification to your linked mobile number everytime you swipe!

With GCash, you can link your GCash to your ATM accounts and transferring funds for her daily spending in school is easy as 1, 2 and 3. Nowadays, different banks will have maintenance over the holy week and you can’t put all your cash in just one ATM. GCash can be your backup and you can link a number of GCash accounts so that you are guaranteed to have that spare money whenever you need it!

You may also use it to buy load and get an instant rebate of 5% everytime. You can top up load for your Globe at home WiFi and bring it to your travel destination and share internet access with the family

The future of ebanking is here with GCash. Accessible anytime, anywhere!





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