GCash and Lazada team up to give you an exciting 12.12 experience

Use GCash during Lazada 12.12 Sale


I have been saving my 13th month pay since i have been dreaming to complete my music collection to form my band of strings.


This Sunburst Stratocaster has been in my dreams since its been used by most of the rockstars for lead guitars. Also some favorite home and personal equipment and time to upgrade my android phone.


The epiphone is also a legendary instrument for rhythm portions but also good for lead and 2nd lead.


The Les Paul which was made famous by Beatles is also another great find and good to be part of the guitar collection.

To fill up the vocals, i personally included this 4 in 1 mixer so that i will be able to clean the sound of the voice and use a single port in my amplifier.

For my car, i would like to enhance the sound of my horn making it sound like a Mercedes Benz with this.


Likewise, preparing for the blackout and typhoon, we need to power up our homes and this LAZADA 12.12 Sale gives you a hefty big discount!

Since its been sometime i have not upgraded my phone, here’s one of the options to upgrade my android smartphone.

And to keep my juiced up, you would need a powerbank to match it.


So how do i settle the payments for my LAZADA orders online? I use GCash as it is very convenient. Reload thru 711 or other partner merchants, or link your account with your bank.


Monitoring is easy since it gives you alerts on your phone everytime you make a transaction – Cash In, Withdraw, Online Payments and a lot more. Receipts are also sent to your email address.

Get a chance to win a GCashCondo when you use GCash

You can also get a chance to win a condo everytime you use the promo code GCASHCONDO and get a raffle coupon for every transaction.

Downloading the GCash app is easy, just go to your Apple Store or Google Play and search GCash, upgrade with the KYC or Know Your Customer and once verified, you get to have the full power and potential of GCash!


Eli has 28 years of extensive IT sales expertise in Data, voice and network security and integrating them is his masterpiece. Photography and writing is his passion. Growing up as a kid, his father taught him to use the steel bodied Pentax and Hanimex 135mm film and single-direction flash, Polaroid cameras, and before going digital, he used mini DV tape with his Canon videocam. He now shoots with his Canon EOS 30D. Photography and blogging is a powerful mixture for him.
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