FWD Manifest your dreams, right now!

Financial tools help protect the future you're working hard for while your money grows

Secret to manifesting your dreams

What does it take to manifest a dream? Is it having lots of money? Is it a good market outlook? The secret is to just start—to just do it, now. You’ll never get to anything if you don’t begin. Financial tools help protect the future you’re working hard for while your money grows. FWD Manifest your dreams, right now!


Honestly, that’s easier said than done with lockdowns on repeat and the economy in a see-saw. But while you can’t predict the future, you can get ready for it. You can take the necessary precautions and establish safety nets. Didn’t someone once say that preparation is 90% of success?


FWD Life Insurance
FWD Manifest your dreams, right now!


Ready to “make yourself ready”

One way to get yourself ready to face challenges head on and to start manifesting your dreams is to ease your worries over the uncertainties of the future and have investments that will serve as your backup. With safety nets in place, you can focus more on the things that you want to do with your life and not just what you need to do.   


A variable unit-linked (VUL) product can be that safety net as it combines both insurance and investment, so you can have insurance protection while growing your money over time. FWD Manifest, however, takes it further by not just giving you a strong life protection and smart wealth investments, but also bonuses, for investing more and longer. Plus, it cushions your investment from risks. 


With FWD Manifest, you’ll get: 

  1. Start-Up Bonus 

Receive a bonus on your policy’s first year that will be invested in its own account value and will grow with your investment and added to your account in your policy’s 5th and 10th year. 


  1. Loyalty Bonus

Get a non-guaranteed cash benefit on the 10th year of your policy, recurring thereafter every five years.


  1. Investment Protector Bonus

Worry less over your investment fund with bonus payouts given on the 10th year and every five years thereafter if the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) is lower compared to five years before the payout.


  1. Premium Extension Bonus

The secret to investment growth is to invest regularly and continuously. Get this bonus if you continue to pay your premiums even after the 5 and 10 years payment period. With FWD Manifest, your additional investment comes with an additional bonus! 


  1. Guaranteed Milestone Increase

Celebrate hitting a milestone in your life with FWD Manifest! Get a pre-approved 20% increase up to max of Php 2M in your coverage amount when you: get married, have your first child, make your first real estate purchase, retire, or just simply reach your 10th policy anniversary—no questions asked!


  1. Option to Customize

FWD Manifest is customizable! You have the freedom to add protection and benefits depending on your need and budget.


Start now and manifest your future!

It may be a tough time right now but that does not mean reaching your manifest life goals is impossible. With hard work, perseverance, and determination, you can achieve anything even amid the pandemic. It just takes courage to start and the grit to stay on. After all, success does not come overnight, but over time. 


Manifest your future now. Sign up to talk to a FWD financial advisor to discover how to take that next step to achieving your dreams know more, visit


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