FWD Affiliate program : share, protect, earn. Everyone wins!

FWD Insurance is excited to announce  the launch of a digital ecosystem that rewards everyone for doing good by way of  sharing financial life skills and helping bridge the protection gap in the country. 

The groundbreaking FWD Affiliate Program is a first in the market. Everyone can be  an affiliate by simply downloading the FWD mobile app and completing the registration  process for free. Through the app, our financial advisors can spread financial  knowledge and awareness in a trust-based environment to help others upskill their  financial management and start futureproofing with investments and life insurance.


FWD Life Insurance Philippines
FWD Affiliate program : share, protect, earn. Everyone wins!


At a time when Filipinos are stretching their budgets, now they can get expert  financial self-help, and even be an ambassador helping others increase their  financial IQ by sharing inspiring posts with rewards. Technology that enables this  Affiliate app could not have come at a better time. The current global pandemic has made people think more about life and health issues, while economic uncertainty has triggered increasing interest in financial management and planning. Recent  statements made by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas exposed the average Filipino’s vulnerability: only 48% have savings to lean on during hard times, while household  out-of-pocket expenses for health financing rose to a staggering P379.7B in 2019, as reported by the latest Philippine Statistics Authority numbers. 

According to FWD Insurance President and CEO Li Hao Zhuang, the Affiliate  Program is a win-win platform for everyone involved. The app offers shareable  financial knowledge, tools and solutions while also creating employment, with an  aim to start a virtuous cycle that directly empowers people and impacts enhances protection inclusion.  

Li Hao said: “We want to reduce the digital divide and address the protection gap in  the country. Through FWD’s Affiliate app, we democratize financial education and  protection and make it rewarding for everyone. It allows our customers to be  rewarded for doing good, and we believe that is especially valuable in this time of  need.” 

For more information regarding FWD Insurance’s products, customers can connect  with their FWD Insurance advisor or via FWD’s 24/7 Live Chat (https://fwd.com.ph). 


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