FOCUS the movie review

Focus movie starring Will Smith

Warner Bros latest film FOCUS starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie is a movie about con men who can steal from your hands, pockets, bags and luggages without you feeling a thing. You’ll see how a group of people, syndicates, can rob a group blindly and without any clue that they have been ripped!

Aside from the action, there is a whole lot of suspense in every minute in this movie. Will Smith also introduces a new side where he has kissing scenes and bed scenes with the lovely Margot Robbie who is his apprentice and was put on the test.

Margot Robbie has this pretty face and amazing curves which makes me think, is she the next sexy blonde who will make it to the Oscars? Bed scenes with her are really sizzling and she looks great in every dress she wears in this movie, she is so elegant. She walks down with a one-piece swimsuit and gives this stare with her lovely blue eyes.

If you are a formula one race avid fan, you will love this movie as the half part shows an F1 race track with screeching cars zooming fast and loud.

It becomes a romantic story all throughout, another side of Will Smith we have not seen before in his previous movies.

So who are the characters in the movie?

Will Smith plays Nikky, Margot Robbie plays Jess Barrett.

Brennan Brown plays the Horst, Starlett Miariuanii plays the Green Fairy. Robert Taylor plays McEwen, Adrian Martinez as Farhad, Griff Furst as Gareth, BD Wong as Liyuan, Rodrigo Santoro as Garriga.

There are certain turn of events in the movie and i would say the story is well written where it becomes mind-boggling of what the next outcome will be.

My advise is, go and watch it!


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